Best Fire Accessories

There is a whole world of accessories available for the Kindle Fire, so many that it can be hard to sort through them to find the best of what's out there. Here are our picks for everything you need to make sure your Fire is safe and stylish! Prices are subject to change, so be sure to look before you click.

The rooCase Executive Portfolio (for Kindle Fire 1st Gen and Kindle Fire HD 7")
If there's one case out there with the most versatility and value, it's got to be the rooCase Executive Portfolio. A snug fit, built-in stand, and pockets for cards, papers, and more make this perfect for anyone who always keeps the Fire close at hand. Why, it could almost replace your wallet or purse. All told, this is our case of choice.
Portable Hard Drives
We first started talking about using these to expand storage space for the Fire way back in November. They stream content from a small external drive over WiFi, allowing you to carry several times the amount of data than the Fire alone allows. Perfect for trips. There are a couple different versions, but the best and most affordable is the Kingston Wi-Drive 32 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive. Don't forget to download the corresponding app HERE and take a look at our Complete Feature.
External Battery Chargers
If you want the ability to charge your Kindle Fire on the go without worrying about plugs, an external battery charger is the way to go, and the New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 is the best choice you can make. Not only does it recharge the Fire, it can recharge virtually every mobile electronic device out there! Just make sure you have a USB cable, like the one from Oriongadgets.

Skins, Cases, and Bags
Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skins
If you're looking for a beautiful design that'll elicit gasps from your friends and make it so you can spot your own Fire in a heartbeat, Decalgirl Skins are the way to go. Though they don't offer much in the way of protection, they are thin enough that they *should even fit under a cover. Gorgeous images, quality material, and a relatively inexpensive price make these very appealing for anyone interested in customizing their Fire. We'll show off a few of our favorites, but you can find all of their designs HERE.

Kindle Fire Carrying Cases
Fire covers are nice, and they do a lot to help keep your device safe and sound, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might want something a little different. If you're looking for pockets to store headphones, cards, cords, or other things, a Carrying Case might be the way to go. These are made specifically for the Fire and at the moment they are on sale for about 40-50% off!

Kindle Fire Case Bag
Finally, for those who are looking for maximum space because they have multiple devices, papers, or other things to carry with them, a Case Bag might be the best option. Also note that the USA Gear Carrying Case Bag will work for any Kindle.

It seems to me that there are really two kinds of headphones people want. They either want really cheap earbuds that can be knocked around without any worries, or they want something that'll deliver top-of-the-line sound and last for years. Here are our picks for both, the Samsung EHS60 and the Sennheiser HD428. Depending on what you want out of your headphones, both will get the job done and more.

Screen Protectors

Skinomi TechSkin
See Our Entire Post on Screen Protectors HERE.
Description: This kit includes: Skinomi Film for your device, installation squeegee, application solution, detailed instructions, and Lifetime Replacements program. 

Skinomi TechSkin goes beyond traditional screen protectors, skins, covers, and cases. This protector is made from clear thermoplastic urethane Film - the same Film used to protect military aircrafts and NASA space shuttles. It has the ability to resist high levels of abrasion, making it the ultimate protector for gadgets and devices. The Film "scratch-proofs" your device without adding bulk like traditional cases. Skinomi TechSkin is designed to provide lifetime protection for your device. If the Film ever wears or scratches, Skinomi will replace it under the Lifetime Replacements Program, for as long as you need it for your device. If you ever need to remove the TechSkin, it peels off easily leaving no residues unlike other screen protectors or skins.

Chargers and Cables
If you are finding yourself missing cables or chargers for the Fire, there are a few out there that can be in your hands for only a few bucks. The Oriongadgets Sync & Charge USB Cable and the Amazon Kindle Fire Car Charger are on sale for a whopping 70% off at only a few dollars a piece.


  1. Hello,
    First, I love this blog! I get valuable information from you!!
    I do have an issue. I bought the Trent I-cruiser external charger per your reccommendation and it works with my cell phones, but NOT with my Kindle Fire and I bought it specially for my Fire! I bought the cable too, so what am I doing wrong? Please help?

    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know about the situation. I'm really surprised to hear that you're having an issue, because it seems to have worked fine for everyone else we've heard from. The cord plugs into the Fire correctly and everything, right? I'm really not sure what the issue could be, but contacting the manufacturers are or emailing will hopefully get the situation resolved. I really can't imagine why it wouldn't work. Sorry for the trouble!


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