Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Slow Cooker Cook Book: Kindle Book of the Day 2/18

How would you like something delicious for dinner tonight? If you’ve been on the hunt for some great slow cooker recipes, here’s what you’ve been looking for! The Slow Cooker Cookbook gives you 75 terrific recipes for some really yummy meals your whole family will love. Let your slow cooker do your cooking for you so you can have time for something else. Check it out now on SALE. And bon appétit! Check it out now!

Name: The Slow Cooker Cookbook
Rating: 4.5 stars over 112 reviews
Price: 4.99 2.99
Description: The Slow Cooker Cookbook has 75 simple recipes designed for busy people who want to use their slow cooker to make quick and hearty meals.

The Slow Cooker Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to becoming an expert with your slow cooker so you can start saving hours while you make delicious, healthy home-cooked meals! The Slow Cooker Cookbook is filled with dozen of easy, crowd-pleasing recipes for every meal and occasion, and it will inspire you to use your slow cooker on a daily basis.

  • Flavorful slow cooker chicken recipes like Miso Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Curried Coconut Chicken
  • Slow cooker pot roast that will melt in your mouth
  • Easy one-pot slow cooker meals that will satisfy the whole family, like comforting Chicken Pot Pie, Classic Lasagna Bolognese, and Mexican-Style Pork
  • Dozens of tasty recipes to get the full value of your slow cooker--learn how to make casseroles, side dishes such as rice pilaf or cornbread stuffing, vegetables, stews...and, most importantly, desserts 
Reviews: "Great resource for any cook…I’ve always thought there weren't many interesting ‘crock pot’ options, but the Slow Cooker Cookbook has completely changed my mind. Two of my favorites recipes so far are the "White Bean and Rosemary Soup" and the "Moroccan Chicken Tagine". Delicious!"

Get your copy of The Slow Cooker Cookbook now!

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