Friday, January 3, 2014

When the Heart Falls: Free Kindle Book for 1/3

A delightful story of love and life in Paris, When the Heart Falls from author Karpov Kinrade is a hot-selling romance that you won't want to miss. Pick it up now for FREE!

Name: When the Heart Falls
Rating: 4.6 stars over 80 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Winter Deveaux knows pain. She knows fear. She knows heartache. What she doesn't know is love. Which is a real problem for someone trying to write a romance novel. When a chance to spend a summer in Paris promises her a cure to her writer's block, she packs her bags, never suspecting that the source of her darkest secret will follow her across the world.

Cade Savage is a man torn between two worlds. As son to the wealthiest ranching family in Texas, being a cowboy is in his blood, but his heart is set on architecture. He has one shot to decide his fate: a summer course in Paris.

Winter and Cade leave everything they know behind to follow their dreams to the city of lights, but they soon learn you can't run from the demons that haunt you.

In a story of heartbreak, humor, forgiveness and finding love, these two lost souls must face their darkest fears before they can claim their heart's desires.

Reviews: "I could not be happier to say this is a book I will read many times and will HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh and cry and cheer for the happy ending that we all deserve. I was afraid with two authors it would be broken and hard to follow but it flowed like a river, tranquil and breathtaking with undercurrents that make you cheer for the characters. I found myself taking notes on some of the phrases because they are just that profound. the pictures of Paris could not be better painted."

Get your copy of When the Heart Falls now!

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