Friday, January 10, 2014

Silence of the Chariot Descenders Free 1/10

A powerful story that will leave you riveted, The Silence of the Chariot Descenders is FREE today! Pick it up now!

Name: The Silence of the Chariot Descenders
Rating: 5.0 stars over 8 reviews
Price: 5.99 FREE
Description: I knew with almost complete certainty that the way I felt was due to the place where I was standing, and more than that – to the monstrous man behind the door.

Another thing was clear to me: executing my plan would require me to destroy part of my soul; I would never again be the man I was before – this I knew with keen internal clarity. I am close enough to strike now; the evil powers flow more easily through people with clean souls, and thus I will be able to utilize them to my advantage. Yet, my soul is not suited for bearing such powers, and when they penetrate me, they will leave an eternal scar.

I shut my eyes, letting hatred envelop me; I recalled the atrocities which the Jews suffered throughout the ages, I remembered my father’s murder, the plight of the Jews in the German concentration camps…hatred struck me forcefully, and I directed all of the malice welling up within me toward the man behind the door. I did not yield, my hatred swelled and intensified within me, and my mind directed all of the evil energy to one, single channel…”

Before the Babylonians succeeded in breaking down the walls of Jerusalem, King Zedekiah instructed a select group of warriors to take the hidden scrolls kept in the Holy Temple and flee the city.
The hidden scrolls were concealed in the Judean Desert, their hiding place known only to a few, members of the “Descenders to the Chariot.” The members of the group hid the existence of the scrolls and passed on the secret to their children and grandchildren who later migrated to Egypt, Carthage, Iberia, Mauritania and some of the European countries.

The descendants of those who had fled Jerusalem lived in exile for over two thousand five hundred years, where they suffered from ostracism, murder, coercion and religious persecution. In every generation, they anticipated the one whose courageous soul would grant him the ability to use the information concealed in the scrolls.

This moving and intriguing novel chronicles the fascinating saga describing the suspenseful, painful and heartfelt events in the life of Moses Ben Yishai, born at the turn of the twentieth century in a small village in the Sahara Desert. The central narrative describes the protagonist’s experiences during the second World War is interwoven with short compelling stories about special people born during past generations , since the destruction of the Holy Temple to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Reviews: "I was deeply moved by the intensity of emotions that this book aroused within me. A captivating book on the subtle battle of good versus evil forces in our world as told through fascinating characters along the way of the fateful periods in our world. It is told with a literary and narrative richness. This is without doubt one of the best books that I've read, a book that leaves one with a taste of wanting more. I warmly recommend and encourages all my acquaintances and friends to read it and to Nissim Ben David I can only add: I am breathlessly waiting for your next book."

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