Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No End of the Bed: Free Kindle Book 1/8

A unique memoir with a dreamy, wistful style from author Lauren J. Barnhart, No End of the Bed brings us deep into the mind of a women at odds with some of the things she's been taught about her life and her body. This thoughtful exploration is sure to give you plenty to think about. Check it out now for FREE!

Name: No End of the Bed
Rating: 3.9 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 4.99 FREE
Description: Raised within the confines of Fundamentalism, Lauren J. Barnhart is instructed that her body is inherently evil and unclean; that innocence is of the highest value; and that a woman is meant to be a servant to everyone but herself. She struggles to believe all that she is told or else disappoint family, friends, and an all-knowing God.

At age twenty-one, outside of her small conservative college, Lauren expresses her sexuality and is surprised to discover a lack of guilt for her transgressions. Within nature rather than against it, awakened to all five senses, she begins to record the feelings of intense love and empathy that she failed to find within the church.

In the search for something more, she is drawn towards a group of polyamorists, who celebrate the body and the freedom to express themselves with many. Through their zest for life, she abundantly taps into her artistic nature. But at the same time, she experiences the same misuse of power that was left behind in the pews. Realizing that the need to find a leader is a fallacy, Lauren learns to value her own true voice, and finds the strength to forge a different path.

Reviews: "Written in jazzy yet poignant Jack Kerouac style, this memoir takes Lauren from a curious girl trying to break free of the Church to a mature woman who understands the world through experience. Lauren is intent on exploring life with her whole being. She's both intellectual and fiercely sexual, and she stumbles upon a group of friends/lovers who help her through the coming of age process while at the same time they're unable to fulfil her most innate need to be loved."

Get your copy of No End of the Bed now!

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