Saturday, January 4, 2014

In My Arms: Kindle Book of the Day 1/4

Get ready for an outstanding romance you’ll be recommending to all your friends! In My Arms tells the unforgettable story of Ava and Trevor and a love with a rough start that becomes a magical romance! Full of emotion and great characters, this one is a must-read! Check it out now!

Name: In My Arms
Rating: 4.2 stars over 75 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Book #1 in the Philadelphia Series

He's deliciously handsome and completely arrogant. Exactly the last thing Ava needs on her first night out following her bad breakup.

New to the Philadelphia area, Trevor is instantly taken with Ava's beauty and witty attitude. After sharing an unexpected but amazing kiss, Trevor manages to stick his foot in his mouth and watches as Ava walks out of his life before he has a chance to explain.

When the two unexpectedly cross paths again, they struggle with the undeniable chemistry between them. Ava fights to keep it platonic, afraid to get hurt again, as Trevor sets out to change her mind.

With a little bit of humor, a lot of drama, sexual frustration, dancing and plenty of alcohol, Ava realizes that Trevor just might actually be perfect for her.

Look for the Philadelphia Series Books-
 # 2: A Part of Me 
 #3: Out of My Element
#4: Learning to Live Again

Reviews: "Although an extremely easy read, this book is well written and a wonderful love story! I felt that familiar lump of un shed tears form in my throat several times. It gives you hope that there is more to life than constantly being dumped on. And not only is it from a woman's point of view but also a man's giving the story an equality between the sexes."

Get your copy of In My Arms now!

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