Thursday, January 16, 2014

Choosing a Stylus for the Kindle Fire HDX: 1/16

When it comes to the Kindle Fire, people know that there are a lot of great accessories available to them. There are covers, skins, and sleeves that can help you customize how your Fire looks and help you protect it. But people often overlook the screen, which is really the most vulnerable part of the device. Today we’re going to be looking at stylus pens and how they can help keep your device in good condition as well as cut down on smudges and make it easier and faster for you to access the content on your device.

Even if you aren’t planning on taking any heavy artillery to your Fire, having a stylus pen can be a good idea for a number of reasons. This will help cut down on the possibility of scratches, the screen will be safe, and you’re also likely to have a better experience with viewing the screen. And, no, a stylus won’t diminish the touchscreen if applied correctly.

I actually have a medical condition known as "fat fingers." It's real. Look it up. And for me, a stylus is essential when using any tablet, even a larger one like the the 8.9" Kindle Fire HDX. I'm constantly tapping the wrong thing or can't quite get something right because the space to tap is small or narrow.

But there are a few great options out there that I've tried that are worth comparing. I think the big factors that you might want to consider when selecting a stylus are your personal style, your budget, and who else might be using it. If it's just you there's no problem, but if you've got little ones running around you might want to take that into consideration.

For those looking for something ultra cheap, take a look at the Bluecell 4 Pack. As long as you're a big fan of pink or purple, this 4-pack costs only 50 cents and might be the only thing you need.

One of my favorites though if you do have kids that might be using them is the iTALKonline 10 Pack, which has a rubber tip, is as long as any normal pen, and comes in ten different rainbow colors. While these are fun and the number of them make it so that losing one is not a big deal, there is a slight feeling of flimsiness that comes with them.

While those can be good for casual gameplay or crosswords or something like that where it's easy to be relaxed about it, something a little more "serious" might be called for if you're looking for a precision stylus that you know you'll be able to count on for years, possibly even longer than your tablet. My pick for those who want a pen that'll stay with them for years would be the Fintie (Black) Capacitive Stylus Pen. It does have a very classy look, study feel, and you can use it on absolutely any kind of touchscreen device. 

There are certainly more options available than just two, but whether you're looking for maximum value out of just one pen or having it stretched out across many, I think between these two options you're going to find that one of them covers you. Best of all they're reasonably priced, good for productivity, and are fun to use.

Stay tuned until next time for a rundown of some great options for tablet covers, as well as battery packs, screen protectors, and more. Thanks for reading!

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