Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Free Kindle Books for 2/28

When Jim wakes up in a new body, he discovers he has the ability to heal the sick and that he's suddenly on trial for murder! Jim's Life is thrilling and heartfelt novel you can't miss. Check it out now! 2.99
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Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits - Thriller
Rated 4.3 stars on 35 reviews
Description: Italian intelligence specialist Michael Visconte is shocked by the brutal murder of a Jesuit priest, who turns out to be a hedge fund manager for the Vatican. The victim, Father Matteo Pintozzi, achieved an unblemished record of extraordinary returns.

The next day, Michael is visited by two Jesuits who ask him to investigate the murder, and Michael soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle for power and control over the finances of the Vatican. Unfortunately, his lucky break—one that should provide critical evidence—blurs the line between good and evil and not only endangers the lives of Michael and the Jesuits, but also imperils the lives of his wife and children.

"This fast-paced thriller . . doesn't stint on intrigue. . . enough authenticity and adventure to ensure readers will keep turning the pages." -Publisher's Weekly

Get your free copy of Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits!

The Case of the Missing Boyfriend - Contemporary
Rated 4.5 stars on 4 reviews
Description: Thirty-nine year old CC is living the urban dream: a high-powered job in advertising, a beautiful flat, and a wild bunch of gay friends to spend the weekends with. And yet she feels like the Titanic - slowly, inexorably, and against all expectation, sinking. The truth is, CC would rather be digging turnips on a remote farm than convincing the masses to buy a life-changing pair of double-zippered jeans - rather be snuggling at home with the Missing Boyfriend than playing star fag-hag in London's latest coke-spots. But sightings of men without weird fetishes or secret wives are rarer than an original metaphor, and CC fears that pursuing the Good Life alone will just leave her feeling even more isolated. Could her best friend's pop-psychology be right? Are the horrors of CC's past preventing her from moving on? And if CC finally does confront her demons, will she find the Missing Boyfriend? Or is it already too late?

Get your free copy of The Case of the Missing Boyfriend!

Demon Possession - Fantasy Romance
Rated 4.4 stars on 67 reviews
Description: After being enslaved on the spaceship Extarga for most of her life Analia has no memory of her life before, and has lost all knowledge of her people. Her mysterious gift and pointed ears are the only indication that she is different.

Analia is alone, and for all she knows, she’s the last of her kind. By chance Analia escapes her captors, and hides herself on the merchant ship Marada, planning to get off at the very next stop.

Unfortunately for her, there is no next stop. The crew is planning a delivery that could take months, and according to a stipulation in the newly signed contract, no one is allowed on or off the ship until the package is delivered.

When Analia is found by the captain of the Marada, she must adapt to her new role on the ship, and try to control her newly awakened desire for the brutal and devastatingly erotic demon.

Get your free copy of Demon Possession!

2 Free Kindle Books from Nathaniel Burns 2/28

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Honour and Glory - The Battle for Saxony
Rated 5.0 stars on 1 reviews
Description: Europe, in the year of the Lord 772

Like a bloody storm, Charlemagne’s armies ravage early medieval Europe, leaving devastation and misery in their wake. They have subdued the kingdom of the Langobards, defeated the duchy of Bavaria; they threaten the Moors in the west and, in the south, the pope in Rome.

Yet Charlemagne has even more ambitious plans: he covets the Saxon territories in the north. The Saxons put up an unexpectedly fierce resistance. When Charlemagne’s troops destroy the Irminsul shrine, the Saxon holy of holies, there ensues a struggle to the death. Led by the legendary Duke Widukind, for decades the Saxons fight savagely for their beliefs and their independence. And they will have their revenge...

Honour and Glory will transport the reader right into this legend-shrouded part of the Early Middle Ages. With his story, Rory Liam Elliott has woven a a rich, dark tapestry of one the pivotal periods in medieval European history. His historically accurate descriptions rich in authentic detail bring this remote, mysterious world to life again before your very eyes.

Go ahead, stoke the fire in the hearth, draw your armchair closer and dive into this wonderful historical novel full of the love, the intrigue, the warriors and the battles of a bygone Europe…

Get your free copy of Honour and Glory - The Battle for Saxony!

The Mummifier´s Daughter - A Novel in Ancient Egypt
Rated 5.0 stars on 3 reviews
Description: Ancient Egypt, 1233 BC

The Mummifier's Daughter returns us to a land steeped in mystery and magic. The detailed storytelling paints a picture of ancient Egypt in all its glory.

Bestselling author Nathaniel Burns has woven a delightfully dark tale around what must have been the most remarkable period of Egyptian history.

So stoke up the fire, draw the curtains and put your feet up in order to enjoy this delightfull tale of love, intrigues and mummies in old Egypt...

Get your free copy of The Mummifier´s Daughter - A Novel in Ancient Egypt!

Haunted House: Kindle Fire New Release 2/28

Here's a great new FREE addition to the popular Hidden Object line of Kindle Fire games! Haunted House takes you through 10 eerie levels full of hidden items. Lock the doors, turn on the lights, and see if you can find them all! Check it out now!

Name: Haunted House
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: FREE!

Description: Haunted House is a challenging and FREE hidden object game! Please enjoy this great free game... and of course feel free to buy our others if you like it! ;)

10 levels packed full of items... and sometimes spooky little ghost for good measure!

Three different modes of play!
-NORMAL mode, Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds!
-CASUAL Mode, nice and relaxing experience.
-CHALLENGE Mode, an extra challenge for those that are willing to accept!

Three ways to find items!
-Find items by their PICTURE. This is the easiest mode and great for kids.
-Find by items by the WORD. This is great if your child is just learning how to read and a slight step up in difficulty for everyone.
-Find items by SILHOUETTE. This is a tricky way to play that will often surprise you once you finally find the correct object.

Hints are available if you get stuck!

Get your copy of Haunted House now!

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 2/28

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get bargain book emails or download our FREE app!

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster - Game
5.0 stars over 6 reviews

Description: Have you ever wanted to be a rollercoaster conductor? Now you can!!

Drive wild rollercoaster rides using a unique, swipe-based control system. Let the tightly tuned physics engine create the most thrilling rides of your life!

Perfect your skills in over 30 tricky rides, from classic wooden coasters to steel speed demons!

Use rockets, Jump jets and magnets, earn hearts and coins, run huge loops, massive jumps and stomach-turning, upside-down tracks!

Get your free copy of Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster!

Zombie Photo Booth Free - Photo Manipulation
No Reviews

Description: Scary sticker app to fake your pictures. Give your pictures a creepy touch. Thanks to this amazing tool you will be able to create unique photos. Use this cool sticker app to change your face, the one of a friend or simply to add something special to any picture that you have saved in your library. Select a photo from your gallery and start personalizing by choosing between numerous frightening stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest stickers.

Get your free copy of Zombie Photo Booth Free!

Kids Doodle 2 - Color & Draw - Drawing
No Reviews

Description: Kids Doodle, the BEST android drawing app for kids!

Kids Doodle is particularly designed for kids with super easy-to-use painting on photo or canvas. It has endless bright colors and 18 beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, rainbow, crayon and sketchy, etc.

App supports an unique "movie" mode, which can play back kid's artwork like a small film. Children love it so much!

The built-in gallery stores both kids drawing picture and drawing procedure. Kids can continue their drawing whenever they want, or "movie" their previous masterpiece anytime they would love.

Get your free copy of Kids Doodle 2 - Color & Draw!

Jim's Life: Kindle Book of the Day 2/28

In Jim's Life, when Jim's soul transfers into the body of a 15-year-old boy, he begins to develop the power to heal. But a murder trial and the sensationalization of his abilities come together to make this new life even more chaotic than the last one. Funny, suspenseful, and heartfelt, this is a novel that will really stick with you. Check it out today!

Name: Jim's Life
Rating: 4.7 stars over 11 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: A teenage boy on trial can see and heal the human light fields, becoming a miracle healer while the world argues over his case. Sequel to The Little Universe.

Australia 2150 AD

Jim experiences a soul transfer with the body of a 15 year old boy who died in an accident while running from a crime. Jim is revived in the hospital with amnesia and brain damage that affects his pineal gland and vision processing. Too much DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) is produced, a naturally occurring neuro-chemical that causes dreams and hallucinations. His vision is permanently altered so that he can see the light force within people, chakras and auras, as well as his own luminosities. In time he learns to work with these lights and becomes a miracle healer, drawing comparisons to a messiah. All the while he's on trial for a crime he didn't commit.

As his case becomes a source of global interest, two things become clear; a brutal rape occurred and he can now heal others by touch. As the environment reaches a frenzy, everyone wants a part of Jim. Nurses want to sleep with him, endorsements come from every angle, skeptics come to debunk him, patients need his healing touch, and still others want to train him to become the leader he was destined to be.

A story of spirituality, the courts of justice and the power of love.

Reviews: "Okay, so I loved 'The Little Universe' and really thought it couldn't be topped, but Jason Matthews has managed to do it with 'Jim's Life.' Though a continuation of the first book, it would make a good stand alone read. Set aside your busy-ness because you won't want to put this one down. I'd describe it as enlightenment-meets-materialism, with humor and an open heart."

Get your copy of Jim's Life now!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Free Kindle Books for 2/27

The Silver Sphere is the fantastic and thrilling story of Shelby Pardow, whose life on a new planet is full of political intrigue, mysterious forces, and adventure! Check it out now! 3.99
Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Cooking the Books - Mystery
Rated 4.0 stars on 91 reviews
Description: After her mother dies from a heart attack, Sloane Templeton goes from Cyber Crimes Unit to bookstore owner before she can blink. She also "inherits" a half-batty store manager; a strange bunch of little old people from the neighborhood who meet at the store once a week, but never read books, called the Granny Oakleys Book Club; and Aunt Verline, who fancies herself an Iron Chef when in reality you need a cast iron stomach to partake of her culinary disasters. And with a group like this you should never ask, “What else can go wrong?”

Get your free copy of Cooking the Books!

Sleeping with the Enemy - Romance
Rated 4.6 stars on 45 reviews
Description: They met at her brother's wedding, and the handsome stranger swept her off her feet. The initial attraction was easy. The trust? That was a little harder.

Hard experience has taught Rose MacKenzie Kenneally that men can't be trusted. But when gorgeous high school English teacher Jesse Lindstrom sweeps her off her feet at her brother's wedding, Rose temporarily forgets that she's given up on men forever. Eight weeks later, the unthinkable happens when this thirty-six-year-old divorced mother of two teenagers realizes she's pregnant by a man she barely knows.

When Jesse proposes marriage, Rose digs in her heels. She cherishes her hard-won freedom, and no man, no matter how infuriatingly sexy or nice, is going to take that away from her. But her teenagers are running wild in the city. Her ex, Eddie the snake, is too busy with his new trophy wife to be bothered with something as trivial as fatherhood. Luke and Devon need the stabilizing influence of a man like Jesse Lindstrom. So she accepts Jesse's proposal with a few conditions of her own.

Get your free copy of Sleeping With the Enemy!

Silver Justice - Suspense
Rated 4.3 stars on 126 reviews
Description: Manhattan. A ruthless serial killer is butchering financial industry high rollers. FBI Special Agent Silver Cassidy, the head of a task force that's on a collision course with disaster, finds herself fighting impossible odds to stop the murderer before he can kill again.

Struggling to balance the hunt for a savage predator with the challenges of being a single parent, Silver finds herself thrust into a nightmare of brutality that will demand every ounce of determination she possesses to survive.

Get your free copy of Silver Justice!

Voices: Kindle Book Sale 2/27

The latest hit thriller from BestSelling author John Michael Hileman is here! Known for his jaw-dropping twists and rugged, flesh-and-blood characters, Hileman produces another winner with Voices. Find out if David Chance can solve a murder mystery, save a troubled teen, and escape with his sanity. Excellent and on sale for $4 off!

Name: VOICES (The David Chance Series)
Rating: 4.9 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 4.99 0.99
Description: Six months after strange messages lead David Chance through a gauntlet of lies and terror, they are back—this time drawing him unwillingly into a murder mystery involving an elusive teen with a mysterious gift.

Jon Blake is a troubled teen with faint aspirations of escaping Boston and attending college, but when the voices in his head save his life and begin revealing hidden secrets, he finds himself lured into a national conspiracy involving the FBI and powerful businessmen.

These two lives, guided by unknown forces, weave together in unexpected twists toward one inescapable conclusion.

Reviews: "It "got me" on the first page and kept me until the last page! And left me wanting more! I really enjoyed the book ~ it's not my usual type and I hadn't read the first one, "Messages", (but I will now) and I still enjoyed it! I especially loved the way all the puzzle pieces fit together in the end even if I have to admit I didn't forsee all of it! I would recommend this read if you enjoy a little mystery and a quick-moving story with characters you want to get to know. I'll be watching for the next one!"

Get your copy of Voices now!

Dented Cans: Bargain Kindle Book 2/27

Dented Cans is a touching and hilarious look at an odd family on an unforgettable family vacation. From a father who collects dented cans to a son who speaks only in sound effects, the Sampsons definitely aren't your average clan, but when a disastrous trip to Disney World reveals an old family secret, will they fall apart or become closer than ever? Funny and heartfelt, this is a novel you don't want to miss. Check it out now!

Name: Dented Cans
Rating: 4.4 stars over 33 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: A family secret is revealed during an ill-fated—yet hilarious—trip to Disney World.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Sampson knows her family is not what you would call normal. Her father compulsively buys dented cans and has a particular fondness for cans without labels, which are extremely discounted because their contents are a mystery. Her mother takes countless pictures of her family and then glues them down into the pages of her scrapbooks, but does not allow anyone to look at them. Ryan, Hannah's mischievous fourteen-year-old brother, is headed straight for the remedial track at the local community college, if he’s lucky. Ben, her eight-year-old brother, is a walking sound effects machine, who prefers to communicate with noises rather than words. While Hannah is focused on escaping her working-class Connecticut suburb, she also finds herself being tugged back home as she worries about her brother Ben.

Hannah’s parents inflict one last family vacation on the Sampson children, a trip that goes comically wrong almost from the get-go. Hannah is forced to confront her family's past in Disney World, of all places, when an emotional argument prompts her parents to disclose a secret they have been keeping from the children for sixteen years. Ultimately, she must decide whether to leave her hometown and not look back, or to focus on helping her family.

Reviews: "This book is a must-read! Thoughtful, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny, Dented Cans paints a family portrait that you can't look away from. Hannah Sampson's story is a coming-of-age tale without being formulaic or predictable, and her well-crafted voice pulls you in and makes it impossible to turn away."

Get your copy of Dented Cans now!

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 2/27

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get bargain book emails or download our FREE app!

Delicious - Emily's True Love - Game
2.9 stars over 9 reviews

Description: Join Emily on an amazing journey to follow her heart in Delicious - Emily's True Love, based on the award-winning, time management series rated 5 stars on Gamezebo. Follow Emily around the world as she tries to reconnect with the one that got away. Will she find her true love? Download Delicious - Emily's True Love and find out!
PLEASE NOTE: This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. You can configure parental controls for in-app purchases, which will require your Amazon account password or a 4-digit PIN, by going to the Settings menu from within the Amazon Appstore.

Get your free copy of Delicious - Emily's True Love!

Death Dome - Fighting
4.5 stars over 20 reviews

Description: No one really remembers where it all started…but before long…it was everywhere. The “M” virus… Most people who showed symptoms were dead within days…but others weren’t so lucky. Mutations were showing up all over the city. The infected were quarantined in a bio-dome force field that encased the city of Palamira. Some called it a “safe zone”, but most know it as the Death Dome. The M virus grew stronger inside the Death Dome and eventually became strong enough to live on its own without a host. Strong enough to become…The Behemoths!

The only name I know is Phoenix, I have no recollection of who I was before…The one thing I do know is that they will never dismantle the dome while the behemoths are still alive so I must take them all down….myself!

Get your free copy of Death Dome!

Radar Express - NOAA Weather - Weather
4.3 stars over 19 reviews

Description: Radar Express gives you instant access to a high resolution animated weather radar and all the local weather information you need. Quickly view an HD animated doppler weather radar for anywhere in the contiguous United States. Check the current temperature and other weather conditions in any U.S. city. Read the latest alerts and hazardous weather discussion in your area. Get the most accurate 7-day weather forecast available. Weather radar, alerts, and forecast all come directly from your local NOAA NWS office. Whether you want to know when it will rain, or you need to know how strong the storms are on the horizon and which direction they're moving, install Radar Express now.

Get your free copy of Radar Express - NOAA Weather!

The Silver Sphere: Kindle Book of the Day 2/27

If you're looking for something full of fantastic adventure, The Silver Sphere is the book for you! Follow Shelby Pardow to a new world where political intrigue, warring factions, and a mysterious tracking device make for a story that's action-packed and suspenseful. Don't miss this great read. Check out the trailer and grab the book now!

Name: The Silver Sphere
Rating: 4.8 stars over 73 reviews
Price: 3.99
Description: Shelby Pardow never imagined she could kill someone. All she wants to do is hide from her troubled father... when she is teleported to awaiting soldiers on the planet Azimuth. Here she is not a child, but Kin to one of the six Aulic Assembly members whom Malefic Cacoethes has drugged and imprisoned. He seeks to become dictator of this world (and then Earth by proxy).

His father, Biskara, is an evil celestial entity, tracked by the Assembly with an armillary device, The Silver Sphere. With the Assembly now deposed, Biskara directs Malefic and the Nightlanders to their strategic targets. Unless....

Can Shelby find the other Kin, and develop courage and combat skills? Can the Kin reassemble in time to release or replace the Assembly, overthrowing Malefic and restraining Biskara?

Reviews: "The Silver Sphere is an excellent, epic fantasy novel. The creatures are truly amazing. The last few chapters had me rifling through the pages. This reminded me of LOTR meets The Hunger Games. I highly recommend it for fans of the genre!"

Get your copy of The Silver Sphere now!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Free Kindle Books for 2/26

Ghost Box includes SIX of Scott Nicholson's fantastic supernatural thrillers, and right now you can get it at a HUGE DISCOUNT! Grab this set now for a ton of great reading! 2.99
Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Summer Melody - Family
Rated 4.9 stars on 20 reviews
Description: In a town called Daedalus Falls, it's easy for the weight of wings to overwhelm. But in the summer of 1992, three generations of women in the Stanton family realize untapped strengths that give them the power to soar. As her aging mother falls prey to the ravages of dementia, Bonnie races to make sense of both her past and present, discovering that the truth of long-buried family secrets has the power to destroy—or to heal. Her niece Meg, meanwhile, is planning a wedding to the perfect man—and then watching fear and uncertainty pull them apart. Finally, teenage Jane, turning away from the burden of family history, comes of age in a way she never thought possible as she learns to care for an autistic boy. Ultimately, all three women discover grace and truth within themselves and their common bonds in this story of love and hope.

Summer Melody is a testament to how, in the face of tremendous challenges, family can bring us strength to survive, endure, and maybe even flourish.

Get your free copy of Summer Melody!

Ice Diaries - Romance
Rated 4.5 stars on 11 reviews
Description: It's 2018 and Tori's managing. Okay, so London is under twenty metres of snow, almost everybody has died in a pandemic or been airlifted south, and the only animals around are rats. Plus her boyfriend never returned from going to find his parents a year ago when the snow began - but she's doing fine. Really.

She lives in an apartment that's luxurious, if short on amenities, in a block which used to be home to rich City bankers. A handful of fellow survivors are her friends, and together they forage for food and firewood, have parties once a month and even run a book club. The problem is they have no long-term future; eventually provisions will run out. Tori needs to find transport to make the two-thousand-mile journey south to a warm climate and start again.

Enter Morgan, a disturbingly hot cage fighter from a tougher, meaner world where it's a mistake to trust people. He's on the run from the leader of the gang he used to work with. And he has a snowmobile.

Get your free copy of Ice Diaries!

The Black Bullet - Mystery
Rated 4.4 stars on 81 reviews
Description: Glenda Lawson believes her husband was the only U.S. serviceman shot and killed on American soil during World War II. But in 1945, investigators ruled that Billy Lawson died in a “mugging turned ugly.”

In 2012, Sean O’Brien, learning the ropes of commercial fishing, gets his anchor caught on something underwater. He discovers a German U-boat partially buried in sand, and inside is a frightening cargo. The media pick up the story, and a 35-year-old woman who has a haunting tale, visits O’Brien. Her grandfather, Billy Lawson, was fishing one night on a Florida beach when he saw something very disturbing.

Get your free copy of The Black Bullet!

Humorous Lines: Free Kindle Books 2/26

If you're looking to improve your sweet talk, the great new book Humorous Lines and Clever Interjections for Contemporary Flirting will guide you through exactly what to say in social situations. Full of jokes and some excellent commentary, this one is worth getting. Grab it for FREE today!

Name: Humorous Lines and Clever Interjections for Contemporary Flirting
Rating: 4.7 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: After so many years of social interaction you have common sayings you gravitate to quite often. You have your "can't argue with that" line. Your "you need to get out more" line. Your "I call it like I see it" line. You find no reason in brushing up on your humor when "that's what she said" interjections win over social circles just fine. Performing a stand-up routine is not something on your list of things to try this year and you are kind of past the "I'm going to be overly outgoing" shtick, yet the charming nature of being quick-witted is something you and the rest of us still find appealing.

In comes a collection of a couple hundred phrases and words that is not exactly a how-to book. In fact it was never meant to be a book at all. Years ago, a very good looking young gentleman, going by the pseudonym Upward, started noting remarks he found inherently playful and somewhat common in conversation for only his personal use, until recently when he decided to pack them up, add examples, and share them with the self-improving public. They are phrases to laugh at. Most of them you will recognize. Now you will have the lines in your metaphorical back pocket to nonchalantly pull out when needed. In essence, a manual to ease your l'esprit de l'escalier. Socially potent fire, if you will.

Reviews: "I read this book on a whimsy and wasn't expecting such funny lines! I have already started to use these modern etiquette's with my friends and they have enjoyed them. I liked how it helps you in any situation you might find yourself in, whether you are in the office or at a line will ever escape you!"

Get your copy of Humorous Lines and Clever Interjections for Contemporary Flirting now!

Bargain Kindle Book and a Freebie 2/26

The Neumarian Chronicles is a fantastic new series from author Ciara Knight about a futuristic world trying to rebuild after a great war and a princess with supernatural powers she can't control! Action packed, romantic, thrilling, and full of adventure, this is a series you're definitely going to want to check out. Get Escapement now and pick up the accompanying Weighted for FREE! Enjoy!

Name: Escapement
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 2.99
Description: Ten years after the great war of 2185 the queen's reign is threatened by uprisings and fear. In celebration of my sixteenth birthday it is my duty as princess to sacrifice a slave to be initiated into the ruling council, solidifying my mother's empire. When my own erratic powers surface I'm captured and tried for treason. Slaves hate me, my mother wants me executed, and my only chance of survival rests in the hands of a young man, Ryder Arteres, whose sister I sentenced to death.

Get your copy of Escapement now!
Name: Weighted
Rating: 4.7 stars over 27 reviews
Price: FREE
Description: The Great War of 2185 is over, but my nightmare has just begun. I am being held captive in the Queen’s ship awaiting interrogation. My only possible ally is the princess, but I’m unsure if she is really my friend or a trap set by the Queen to fool me into sharing the secret of my gift. A gift I keep hidden even from myself. It swirls inside my body begging for release, but it is the one thing the Queen can never discover. Will I have the strength to keep the secret? I’ll know the answer soon. If the stories are true about the interrogators, I’ll either be dead or a traitor to my people by morning.

Get your free copy of Weighted!

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 2/26

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get bargain book emails or download our FREE app!

3.6 stars over 8 reviews

Description: TNNS (pronounced “Tennis”) is a game about bouncing and bending balls. It’s a game about keeping your eyes on balls.

Sometimes there are a lot of balls. Too bad you only have two eyes.

Your psychic paddle zips to your finger. Wiggle to bend ball paths once (or twice) to make tricky shots in two hot modes.

Get your free copy of TNNS!

Beach Buggy Blitz - Racing
5.0 stars over 7 reviews

Description: Drive your hot-rod beach buggy as far as you can into the uncharted depths of a mysterious tropical island!

Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed and completely destructible world packed with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, lava monsters...even yetis! Explore sun-swept beaches, secret caves, fog-shrouded swamps, ruined temples and erupting volcanoes in this action-packed quest of discovery and mayhem!

Get your free copy of Beach Buggy Blitz!

Hidden Egg Hunt - Game
4.5 stars over 11 reviews

Description: Find Easter Eggs and drag them into your Easter Basket to earn points!

Hidden Object meets Arcade Action in a Race against the Clock

- The hunt is on to find Easter Eggs and fill your basket before time runs out!

•Collect as many eggs as you can in 1:00!
•Find the rare gold egg, bonus game eggs, X-ray vision and time boosts.
•11 colorful scenes filled with fun Holiday imagery & music
•Never the same game twice with randomly placed eggs

Get your free copy of Hidden Egg Hunt!

Ghost Box: Kindle Book of the Day 2/26

Spooky, suspenseful, thrilling, and unforgettable. Ghost Box is all that and more. Part of a special promotion that won't last long, this box set includes SIX heart-pounding novels from the master of supernatural thrillers, Scott Nicholson. And right now you can get it at the ridiculously low price of just $2.99! This is a can't-miss deal. Grab your set now, lock all the doors, and dig in!

Name: Ghost Box: Six Supernatural Thrillers
Rating: 4.0 stars over 10 reviews
Price: 8.99 2.99
Description: "Like Stephen King, he knows how to summon serious scares." —Bentley Little, His Father's Son


Better leave the lights on for weeks! A box set of six supernatural thrillers from bestselling author Scott Nicholson, featuring more than 400,000 words of fiction. DRM-free.

THE RED CHURCH (Stoker Award finalist, alternate selection of the Mystery Guild Book Club): A boy and a sheriff must solve the mystery of a haunted Appalachian church when a strange preacher returns to town.

DRUMMER BOY: One misfit kid is all that stands between a small Appalachian town and a ghostly Civil War troop.

BURIAL TO FOLLOW: Roby Snow must help Jacob Ridgehorn find his eternal rest--or else.

CREATIVE SPIRIT: Artists at a remote Appalachian retreat discover their work is reviving a sinister spirit.

THE DEAD LOVE LONGER: Private investigator Richard Steele must solve his most difficult case ever--his own murder--while torn between women on opposite sides of the grave.

SPEED DATING WITH THE DEAD: A paranormal conference in the Appalachian Mountain's most haunted hotel goes haywire when ghost hunters accidentally stir up demons.

"Always surprises and always entertains." —Jonathan Maberry, King of Plagues

"Better keep both hands on your pants, because Nicholson is about to scare them off!" —J.A. Konrath, The List

"The love child of Sharyn McCrumb and Stephen King." —The Mountain Times

Get your copy of Ghost Box: Six Supernatural Thrillers now!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Kindle Books and Changes at Amazon 2/25

This post comes with an important introduction, because as of March 1st 2013, there are going to be some dramatic changes to the Kindle landscape that will affect the Kindle Fire Department. If there's one thing we can count on, it's that things change, and this should be a pretty big one.

What am I talking about? Amazon has altered its Amazon Associates Operating Agreement concerning free Kindle books. Most of you probably know that when you visit a site like ours to find free books, if you go on to buy other things we get a small percentage of that, though it adds nothing to your prices. This has led to a huge number of Kindle book sites.

But now Amazon is forcing sites like ours to reduce the number of free books we feature or lose one of our most important revenue sources. From Amazon, if the following two conditions are met, our site will lose most of the income that allows it to operate:

  • At least 80% of all Kindle eBooks ordered and downloaded during Sessions attributed to your Special Links are free Kindle eBooks
  • 20,000 or more free Kindle eBooks are ordered and downloaded during Sessions attributed to your Special Links
Now, the Kindle Fire Department and Book Blast can move about 20,000 free Kindle books in little more than a day, and it adds up to far more than a 4:1 ratio of paid books. 

So what's going to happen to us? Actually, not all that much. It's likely that other sites will have to completely revamp their operations, but because we do also focus on apps and bargains books as well, we should be able to continue to feature at least a couple free Kindle books each day on the Fire Department and a few more on Book Blast. 

We've always felt that the most important part of a book is its quality, because even FREE can be too much to spend on a bad book, am I right? So we'll continue to feature the best apps and books, whether free or not, that we can, and we hope you'll continue to visit us and make us one of your key sources to find books and apps.

Thanks to you, we quickly became the #1 Kindle Fire site on the Internet, and it's the thousands and thousands of visitors we get on a daily basis that make this worth it to us. We love introducing you to the best books and apps we can find, and we appreciate it so much when you stop by to visit, let us help you with your Kindle Fire, tell your Kindle friends about us, or even just play "Rate this Reading Room" with us on our Facebook page

So with your help we're excited to make this coming year and the ones that follow the best time to own a Kindle. Thanks for your support, and please feel free to share your thoughts in the blog comments or Facebook comments to let us know how we're doing. And of course, check out these free books...

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Ferris' Bluff - Romantic Suspense
Rated 4.5 stars on 97 reviews
Description: Ace is on the run from everyone, it seems. He’s running from a busted Witness Protection Program assignment, an international collection of gangsters and arms merchants he pissed off working undercover, and worst of all—from his own scarred self-image and the nightmares that haunt him.

After two lonely years on the road he risks a short visit with his old friend, Granville Tubbs, who lives in the sleepy small town of Ferris’ Bluff, Arkansas. He hasn’t even had a tingle that anyone has been on his trail for almost a year. What could go wrong in a few days?

Plenty, it turns out. But some things go right, too…shotgun ambushes aside.

The ultimate loner, Ace is soon brought under the spell of the quirky small town and its residents. As he tries to help Tubbs, all the while jealously guarding his alias, the friendliness of the townsfolk chips away at the wall of solitude he’s built. It’s as if Leets and Dicky and Art Drury are determined to become his new friends. And the pretty widow, Annie Travers—well, try as he might he can’t deny the growing mutual attraction between the two of them.

Get your free copy of Ferris' Bluff!

Only the Truth - Literary
Rated 4.5 stars on 120 reviews
Description: Harkening back to the writing styles and small town settings of earlier American authors – John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers - "Only the Truth" is a psychological mystery with as many twists as the country road leading to the humble home of Billy Ray Hutchins, a lonely uneducated man living in the hills of Arkansas. Life changes little for him from day to day until he brings home a young drifter he meets at the railroad tracks, the mysterious Charlene, whose last name he never asks. He becomes her Sweet Billy Ray and his love for Charlene is steady and uncomplicated until the sheriff shows up to take her away in handcuffs. With the only woman he has ever loved behind bars for the coldblooded murder of the old man across the road, a confused and devastated Billy Ray sets out on a quest to find the truth, only the truth, whether it leads him to be able to save his Charlene from a death sentence or it frees him from her spell.

Get your free copy of Only the Truth!

Capture - Thriller
Rated 4.1 stars on 38 reviews
As four-year-old Sunny Exley drowns in the icy waters off a luxury beach house, her father, Nick, smokes weed on the shore and her mother, Caroline, is lost in the arms of a lover. Hidden on nearby boulders, rent-a-cop Vernon Saul watches the child die and chooses to act only when it is too late.

In the days following Sunny's death, gutted by grief and guilt, Nick falls under the spell of Vernon who presents himself as a friend in time of need. When the sinister Vernon's true motives are revealed, Nick is drawn into a spiral of manipulation and murder that leaves him fighting for his sanity and his life.

Get your free copy of Capture!

The Dark Lake: Free Kindle Book 2/25

Author Anthea Carson brings us deep into the mind of a troubled thirty-something named Jane in The Dark Lake, where hazy recollection of the past blurs with reality when strange details emerge about something that happened over twenty years ago. Pick this one up for FREE today!

Name: The Dark Lake (The Oshkosh Trilogy)
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: Important: Repressed memories are sometimes worse than the truth.
Jane is well into her thirties and still living with her parents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in a dependent condition, like a teenager. She would love to move out and live on her own as an adult. But she can't keep a job or take on any responsibility that would allow her to be independent.
Jane just wants to be a normal person. Years of alcohol and drugs may be the cause of her disabled state, but there could be something more. Her therapist, Miriam, thinks the key to Jane's troubled mind lies in a disturbing dream Jane keeps having. Miriam encourages her to talk about the dream, but Jane fights her therapist, and tries to avoid painful subjects or memories.
Then one night, while attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, Jane sees a picture in the local newspaper of her little blue Chevette being dragged from the bottom of the lake. But that car went in the lake twenty years ago. From the shadowy dread, a frightening picture begins to emerge.
This is a work of fiction inspired by actual events.

Reviews: "The Dark Lake, like most good fiction, challenges the sensibilities of the reader and generally asks more questions than it answers. Add that to Carson's mastery of voice, and her ability to tell her story such that the writing itself is barely noticeable, and you have the makings of breakthrough fiction. Not long ago The New York Times Book Review would have lauded The Dark Lake as notable work. These days one can only hope that Anthea Carson keeps producing. My bet is a big break is just around the corner."

Get your copy of The Dark Lake (The Oshkosh Trilogy) now!

New Kindle Fire Release: Dreaming with Fairies 2/25

Dreaming With Fairies adds a great new twist to the classic Hidden Object game we all love. Now, not only do you have to find the hidden objects, but you have to remember where they came from and put them back! With its beautiful artwork and addictive gameplay, this is a game you'll come back to again and again. Check it out now!

Name: Dreaming With Fairies
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 0.99
Description: Acclaimed best selling artist Phatpuppy presents, Dreaming with Fairies! Prepare to be transported to another reality filled with mystery and magic! Enjoy a twist to the standard hidden object gameplay. In this version you need to remember where the objects are located! A great workout for your brain cells!

Three different modes of play!
-NORMAL mode: timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds!
-CASUAL mode: a nice and relaxing experience.
-CHALLENGE mode: an extra challenge if you are up for it!

Three different ways to memorize!
-MEMORY MATCH: Study the scene then flip cards to make matching pairs.
-DISCOVERY MATCH: Discover the matches between cards and hidden objects.
-DRAG & DROP: Memorize where objects are located then place them back.

Have Fun!

Get your copy of Dreaming With Fairies now!

Free Apps and Books for 2/25

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Buka HD
3.0 stars over 25 reviews

Jurassic ParkTM Builder
World Builder
4.2 stars over 12 reviews

Sketch Guru
5.0 stars over 2 reviews

Echo Falls
Romantic Suspense
4.1 stars over 15 reviews

If Angels Fall
4.8 stars over 25 reviews

4.2 stars over 49 reviews

Blood, Smoke, and Ashes: Kindle Book of the Day 2/25

Blood, Smoke and Ashes is an exciting cat-and-mouse novel about an FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killer who, by all accounts, has been dead for decades! The body counts rise and the tension builds in this must-read thriller. If you've been looking for something fast paced and loaded with suspense, don't miss this one! Grab your copy now!

Name: Blood, Smoke and Ashes
Rating: 4.7 stars over 12 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: In the Fall of 1955, the state of Nevada used the electric chair to execute a prisoner for the first time.

It was also the last time.

Molly Blackburn, nicknamed Jane the Ripper by the Las Vegas press after killing eleven men while posing as a prostitute, was strapped to the chair without incident. The switch was flipped.

Everything after that went horribly wrong.

Since that day, a copycat Jane the Ripper has appeared almost every decade in a different city, mimicking Molly's choice in victims as well as her methods of murder. She kills eleven men then disappears, never to be found. The similarities between the bodies left behind each decade is uncanny. As if they are all the victims of the same murderer, not a copycat.

But that's impossible, of course, because Molly Blackburn is dead, her execution witnessed by a dozen people.

FBI Agent Jack Shaw, the lead investigator in the Jane the Ripper cases since the seventies, finally catches a break in 2009 when the intended fifth victim manages to turn the tables on the newest copycat . Everyone believes that the horror has finally ended with her capture. Shaw is not so sure, though, wondering if someone else will take up the mantle and kill seven more men to complete the cycle. But when no more bodies with her distinctive markings show up over the next two years, Shaw allows himself to believe that maybe he has seen the end of the Jane the Ripper murders.

As it turns out, what he thought was the end was only the beginning.

His hunt will take him across the country, and even when he thinks he's finally discovered the truth, he quickly learns that not everything is as it seems.

That not every monster is created equal.

That the nature of good and evil is not as black and white as he has always believed.

That not everything that is broken can be put back together.

That not every fractured soul can be saved.

When blood, smoke and ashes rise, no one comes out the same on the other side.

Blood, Smoke and Ashes is a 115,00 word supernatural thriller that also contains the first half of my crime/thriller novella "I Never"

Reviews: "Brad Convissar's first full length novel is a genuine diamond in the rough. Briskly paced and entertaining."

Get your copy of Blood, Smoke and Ashes now!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Free Kindle Books for 2/24

In Elfhunter, the elves of Alterra must defend themselves against a monster out to destroy them all. Action-packed and full of adventure, this is one epic fantasy you won't want to miss. Check it out now! 2.99
Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

The Angry Woman Suite - Historical Mystery
Rated 4.0 stars on 125 reviews
Description: Master storyteller Lee Fullbright weaves three unique voices together in her award-winning psychological mystery about consequences. The Angry Woman Suite is a rare and bold novel; a heartbreaking, hopeful marvel.

"They need to be exercised, hearts do ... to keep them strong."

Every family has skeletons, but the Grayson family has more than its share of secrets--and of portraits. Mystery portraits that incite and obscure. Portraits to die for.

An unsolved celebrity double murder in Pennsylvania. A girl looking for autonomy. A young man in search of an identity. An older man's quest for justice.

Get your free copy of The Angry Woman Suite!

Some Day Somebody - Contemporary
Rated 4.7 stars on 27 reviews
Description: Carrie Jeansonne wasn't looking for trouble or love...but they found her anyway. Can she avoid trouble long enough to give real love a chance?

Her plan for the rest of her life: Education (check), Career (check), Provide for her three teenagers (check), Divorce controlling, horn-dog of a husband (somewhat nasty, but progressing), and find some happiness (not so easy it turns out). The thirty-six year old mother wants to concentrate on her new drafting career in Road Design with no added complications – is that too much to ask?

Enter Sam Langley: Knocking on forty, single, and hating it. Formerly the office clown, his morose mood has prompted his co-workers to dub him 'Oscar the Grouch' in the year since his wife’s departure and his divorce. After clashing with his new, outspoken co-worker, the surveyor can’t help but be drawn to this brassy, sassy lady with her take no prisoner attitude.

Get your free copy of Some Day Somebody!

A Boy, A Ship, and a War - Military
Rated 4.1 stars on 22 reviews
Description: A Tin-Can sailor, Serving on the USS VanValkenburg

Learn about WWII from one who lived it.

Claud Aldrich was a tin-can sailor, serving on the USS VanValkenburg and taking the ghosts of USS Arizona with them, since this newly commissioned ship was named for the Captain of the battleship sunk during Pearl Harbor.

Claud was a poor boy, one of nine children, seven boys and two girls, drafted in to the United States Navy, an entirely new world, which he knew nothing about. There was a rude awakening for him, to shape up to the facts of life on a warship in a time of war. Learning to be in harm's way and survive.

Get your free copy of A Boy, A Ship, and a War!

Beat to a PULP - Thriller
4.4 stars over 22 reviews
Description: BEAT to a PULP: Hardboiled is a compilation of uncompromising, gritty tales following in the footsteps of the tough and violent fiction popularized by the legendary Black Mask magazine in its early days. This collection includes thirteen lean and mean stories from the fingertips of Garnett Elliott, Glenn Gray, John Hornor Jacobs, Patricia Abbott, Thomas Pluck, Brad Green, Ron Earl Phillips, Kent Gowran, Amy Grech, Benoit Lelievre, Kieran Shea, David Cranmer, and Wayne D. Dundee and a boiled down look at hardboiled fiction in an introduction by Ron Scheer. Edited by David Cranmer and Scott D. Parker.

Get your free copy of Beat to a PULP!

4.3 stars over 26 reviews
Description: Maggie Robin has been dating the irresistibly good-looking, successful Jeffrey Preston for two years. But when Jeffrey proposes marriage a week after Maggie's college graduation, she is no longer sure if she wants to marry a workaholic TV producer.

Her doubts culminate when during a ski trip to British Columbia, Maggie meets Taylor Denton, a handsome, free-spirited big mountain skier who is the complete opposite of Jeffrey. It does not take Maggie long to realize that she has fallen in love with Taylor and she decides to break off her engagement with Jeffrey. But just when she thinks she has found the love of her life, an ill-fated misunderstanding tears Maggie and Taylor apart.

A week later, Maggie is told that Taylor has died in a tragic ski accident; yet, her heart refuses to believe in Taylor's death. When Maggie returns to Taylor's native town, she learns that Taylor is indeed alive, but has been seriously injured. Resolved to bring her lover back to life Maggie stands by Taylor's side, convincing him to embrace life again.

Get your free copy of Smitten at First Sight!