Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Survival of Thomas Ford: Kindle Book of the Day! 12/25

Merry Christmas! If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself or someone else, grab a copy of The Survival of Thomas Ford on SALE! This story of a man emerging from a car accident in which his wife was killed to search for her killer is a gut-wrenching thriller with plenty of psychological intrigue. Check it out now!

Name: The Survival of Thomas Ford
Rating: 3.8 stars over 134 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: Thomas Ford is the only survivor of the car crash which killed his wife. He is also the only witness who would be willing to identify the young, reckless driver who caused the crash. But the driver has no intention of ever letting himself be identified, not to mention what his father’s intentions are…or those of his girlfriend, Lorna, the hospital cleaner.

The young driver’s father is Jack McCallum, the powerful entrepreneur who has built a housing empire, McCallum Homes, on the high hills surrounding the city. Jack has his own dark secret to protect, as well as his business edifice to hold onto. There is no way in the world that Jack McCallum will ever let anything threaten the future of McCallum Homes.

Robert Ferguson, the passenger who was with the young driver on the day of the crash, curses himself for ever getting into the car. He watches carefully to see what the universe will do about it all, and he thinks he can hear the gears and chambers of the universe’s engine, rolling terribly towards them, out of the future, and he knows he can’t cope with that, not even if he takes his medication.

In the end, destiny will pull them all far out of the city, some of them to the moonlit hillside, where white butterflies and mysterious gas fill the air, and wild cats wrap themselves around cold trees. Jack McCallum’s trusted Polish foreman, Lanski, will recognise the place from the folklore-wilderness of his own childhood, a place where death can come stalking in the form of a white wolf, but perhaps also redemption can appear, for those like Thomas Ford who seek it.

In any case, the young driver has it in mind to take his destiny into his own hands now, which will soon lead to the life of a second young woman hanging in the balance, awaiting salvation or destruction, perhaps only the Fates, or the wind that blows through the trees, know which.

Reviews: "This is the best novel I have read in a few years. I can't believe I got it for free and found a consummate writer. This tale was nothing short of riveting. It is rich in character development, mood and atmospherics…Folks, this is great literature and a first class story told by a magnificent craftsman."

Get your copy of The Survival of Thomas Ford now!

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