Thursday, December 5, 2013

The End: Free Kindle Book for 12/5

An interesting take on the end of our society, The End by author B.J Knights presents a stark but intriguing vision of collapse through the eyes of one teenager in Pittsburgh. Pick this one up for FREE now!

Name: The End
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: In the near future, society has reached its breaking point. Even in the U.S. (the last best hope for the world), economic collapse seems unavoidable along with war and civil strife. In such troubling times there are those prepared for the worst and those who are not. Then there are also are too young to notice what is happening around them.

Brian is an average teenager just starting high school in a Pittsburgh suburb he moved to only three years before. Struggling to fit in at school and dealing with his mother--who continues to make wild plans to flee the country--all Brian wants to do is get through another day. But on one seemingly normal Wednesday afternoon at school, the collapse begins, creating a new and dangerous world. Through these unexplained events, Brian will discover that the craziest day of his life is only the beginning...of the end.

Get your copy of The End now!

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