Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sinker: Kindle Book Sale 12/29

Another bestselling mystery from author Rex Kusler, Sinker features a Las Vegas homicide detective on the case of a dead district attorney. Between all of the clues, suspects, and motives, can Jim Snow pull off the case without the help of his partner?

Name: Sinker
Rating: 4.5 stars over 4 reviews
Price: 3.99 0.99
Description: Former Las Vegas Homicide Detective Jim Snow has found himself in a tenuous position with his partner Alice James. She’s the other half of their Private Eye firm James & James and she’s back in her hometown tending to her sick mother and contemplating a career change.

This leaves Snow alone in Las Vegas to work his newest case involving the drowning of a former Deputy District Attorney on Lake Mead. But that’s only half the job. He’ll also have to find the victim’s monkey that was with her in her boat that night—and babysit until he can find a primate shelter with a vacancy.

Snow struggles to uncover the events leading up to the drowning, dealing with a diverse assortment of suspects including the victim’s twin sister, an ambulance-chasing estranged husband, an unscrupulous loan shark, and an ex-convict with a bad attitude.

Adding to Snow’s frustration sifting through the clues, he’ll have to work this case on his own—with a monkey riding shotgun instead of the brilliant Alice James.

Reviews: "There's nothing better than curling up on the coach on a rainy afternoon and reading one of Rex Kusler's “Las Vegas Mysteries." “Sinker” is right up there with the best in the series.

Kusler is a master of tight plot, witty dialog, and amusing characters. The male equivalent of Janet Evanovich, but with more heart. Gumshoe Jim Snow is the most appealing male detective in the genre—generous spirited, kind, easy going, funny. A man who knows who he is, yet seeks salvation in the face of every pretty woman he meets. Think George Clooney. I must say it is such a relief to read a mystery for pleasure without all the angst, all the political/social commentary, all the despair and soul searching. Pure entertainment. Pure delight. After all, it is Vegas."

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