Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pride's Run: Kindle Book of the Day 12/29

Here’s a terrific new paranormal romance you’ll definitely want to check out! In Pride's Run, in order to escape the man who has been holding her captive, Pride must team up with the boy she was supposed to hunt! This book is as suspenseful, emotional, and exciting as they come! Check it out now!

Name: Pride's Run
Rating: 4.5 stars over 80 reviews
Price: 4.99 2.99
Description: Eighteen-year-old Pride is a tracker with a hunger for blood. Taught to trick, seduce and to lure, she is the perfect killing machine.

Kept leashed in the cellar by a master who is as ruthless as he is powerful, Pride dreams of freedom, of living a normal life, but escape from the compound is near impossible and disobedience comes with a price.

When she learns her master intends to breed her she knows she has to run.

Pride soon learns if she is to survive in the wild, she must trust in the boy who promises her freedom, the same boy she was sent to hunt.

Reviews: "I am so glad I stumbled across this book. Loved it! The world-building details, the character nuances, the smooth writing. Just fun and quick and very enjoyable. Young adult paranormal is filled with so much angst and drama and soulful sighing these days (which is meh to me), so this was just refreshing and real (well, as real as shifters get, haha) and unangsty, which I greatly appreciated. And I just realized the next book is out already, so I'm quite excited."

Get your copy of Pride's Run now!

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