Friday, December 20, 2013

New Kindle Fire Game: Christmas Rescue 12/20

Christmas is almost here! Celebrate in style with Christmas Rescue, a fun new Hidden Object game with beautiful artwork and tons of secret items! Play in classic mode and the neat new card mode. Either way, you and your whole family are going to love it! Grab your copy now and enjoy!

Name: Hidden Object - Christmas Rescue
Rating: 5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Price: 1.99 0.99

Description: Christmas is near and there's only an elf left standing!

This wonderful hidden object game gives you the unique opportunity to find amazing life-like items in different corners of Santa's winter castle! Original gameplay allows you to drag obstructing items around to uncover objects you're looking for! Also included CARD MODE!

What we offer you are three difficulty levels:
- CASUAL - No time limit and quick hint. All modes available for each unlocked level!
- NORMAL - Time limit and slower hint. Each use of hint costs 2 seconds. Only those modes you've played in the previous level are available in the next one.
- EXPERT - Bonus mode for those who got all stars on all levels in either CASUAL or NORMAL mode.

Each scene can be completed in four search modes:

Complete each of them in each scene. Go back to previous levels to get a better score and unlock the next section!


- Clever, fun-to-solve hidden object scenes
- Item search by word or by pictures, by anagrams and by silhouette
- Inspiring artwork in wonderful locations
- Difficulty levels and unlockable content
- Card mode hidden object mini-game

Get your copy of Hidden Object - Christmas Rescue now!

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