Thursday, December 19, 2013

Free Kindle Box Set: Can, Preserve, Survive 12/19

Being prepared has never been easier! Grab Can, Preserve, Survive today for FREE! This set of three terrific books will teach you everything you need to know about preserving and storing your food in case of an emergency. Whether you have some extra food you don’t want to go to waste or want to be ready for anything, this set will definitely help! Check it out now!

Name: Can, Preserve, Survive
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Can, Preserve, Survive
The Prepper's Guide To Canning, Preserving, and Food and Water Storage

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This is a box-set of three best selling food preservation and storage books.  This box-set includes:

Canning is a process where we seal food or drinks in jars, then heat them to destroy microorganisms that cause spoilage. It's the same concept that the food industry undertakes to put food, such as soups or vegetables, in cans and sell it to the consumer. With home canning, you are in charge of all the ingredients as well as the taste and quality of your food.
This book will cover: 
  • Canning Safety
    Methods and types of canning 
  • Canning Equipment
    Types of food to can 
  • How to Prep your food for canning 
  • The canning process
    and much, much, more 
When we say canning we actually mean jarring, but the conventional method of canning gets its name from a food preservation method introduced by the French in the 1800s. We see this applied today, all over the world, to canned soups, peaches, beans, and so on today. The home method of canning differs in some ways, but the main principle is still the same. 

 Good preparation means being ready for an unexpected shortage in basic necessities. This makes home food preservation techniques as important as ever in today's uncertain climate. Learning these practical and easy to learn methods will ensure that you're prepared for months up to years with a wide range of nutritional foods.
But being prepared isn't the only reason to preserve food; there are several economical, nutritional, and fun reasons to join this movement. Whether you've never considered food preservation or if you're drying food right now, there's something in this book for you. We'll cover food drying and dehydration methods as well as freeze-drying and pickling techniques certain to change the way you look at food.

This Guide Will Cover: 
  • An in-depth primer into food preservation 
  • The awesome benefits of drying, pickling, and freezing 
  • Step by step methods and strategies
  •  The best foods to preserve at home and why 
  • And much more!  
Our world is becoming more volatile each and everyday.  Large scale natural disasters, economic collapse, and terrorism are real world situations that threaten our way of life.  Preppers are prepared for any type of disaster, ranging from common natural disasters to unlikely large scale events. By being prepared to survive in an environment where our every necessity is scarce, preppers understand how to take action. How much you decide to prep is up to you, but having an understanding of this information and being able to utilize these techniques could mean the difference between life and death. This book covers food storage and techniques that could determine you or your family's survival should a disaster occur.

This Book Will Cover:
  •  Why everyone should have a food storage system in place
  •  Common mistakes to avoid
    Different ways to store survival food 
  • Comprehensive list of food you should stockpile
  • The pros and cons of different survival foods 
  • Water storage and filtration
    Food storage for those who lack space 
Download this crucial guide today and learn how you can start your own food storage system even if you are on a budget or lacking space.  Join the crowd and download now!

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