Saturday, December 21, 2013

Diviner's Prophecy: Free Kindle Book 12/21

Maea has lost both her supernatural abilities and her memories; if she's going to save the world, she'll have to decide who she can trust to solve the mystery of what happened to her. And why. Diviner's Prophecy is a suspenseful and magical mystery that'll keep you guessing right up to the end! Check it out today!

Name: Diviner's Prophecy
Rating: 4.2 stars over 13 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Maea is a diviner, the last of a once influential family of women who could see into the past and future through visions. Though she holds immense power, once sought after by kings, she is helpless. A spell has wiped away her past and crippled her abilities, leaving her dependent upon her foster mother and her companion. Maea wants to trust them but their evasive behavior in regards to her missing memories makes her wary. They claim an accident caused her memory loss. Maea, however, remembers the night the man took her life away. She suspects they are accomplices to the act and further believes they plan to use her in her their own political plotting.

At the royal court, the first diviner speaks to Maea through a vision and charges her with an immense task: to stop a catastrophe that threatens to destroy her, her kingdom, and all life in the realm. She must navigate the dangerous waters of court intrigue where foes appear as friends and no one can be trusted. If she plays the game right, she will regain her past and save her kingdom. If she fails, it means the destruction of every living thing.

Reviews: "Diviner's Prophecy is filled with mystery and suspense! I was reading this on the edge of my seat as my trust for different characters constantly changed and swapped around until the very end. I loved every second of the mystery as slowly piece by piece the fantasy story comes together."

Get your copy of Diviner's Prophecy now!

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