Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bargain Kindle Book: Green Smoothies for Beginners 12/10

Green smoothies are a fast and nourishing way to lose weight and detox your body. Packed with necessary vitamins and nutrients, the recipes in Green Smoothies for Beginners will help you melt away belly fat and feel more energetic! Grab Green Smoothies for Beginners today and start getting healthy the delicious way! Check it out now!

Name: Green Smoothies for Beginners
Rating: 4.8 stars over 31 reviews
Price: 2.99 2.51
Description: Green Smoothies for Beginners by best-selling health and nutrition author John Chatham provides a complete introduction to the amazing health benefits of nutritious green smoothies, with easy tips for creating your own green smoothies from scratch, and how to detox your whole body.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, cleanse your system, or are seeking a daily health supplement, Green Smoothies for Beginners will help you discover how to increase your intake of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals through the power of fresh, delicious green smoothies. With delicious recipes and easy detox plans, you will begin to see the results of drinking green smoothies right away.

Discover renewed health and energy with Green Smoothies for Beginners:
  • The Green Smoothie Detox Plan includes guidelines for a One-Day Cleanse, Three-Day Cleanse, and a Five-Day Cleanse. 

  • 35 quick and easy recipes for green smoothies to aid with weight loss, digestive health, disease prevention, anti-aging, healthy skin, increased energy, and improved cognitive function. 

  • Tips on how to create your own tasty green smoothies; 63 top smoothie ingredients; delicious combinations; detailed information on the benefit of each fruit, vegetable, and additive.
Reviews: "An amazing find for anyone who likes feeling energy (you know the feeling I am talking about). Want to wake up ready to do something worthwhile? Want to have the same level of enthusiasm at 330 that you have any other time of the day? Well, get this book and start giving your body what it has been asking for all these years!…and the best part?? This book shows you how to juice and somehow makes it all taste great!!"

Get your copy of Green Smoothies for Beginners now!

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