Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Artifice: Free Kindle Book 12/24

An unbeatable fantasy mixing dragons, wizards, and sci-fi elements, Artifice from K.P. Alexander kicks off a rousing adventure of exotic lands and intriguing magical characters. Don't be surprised if you can't put down the entire series. This is your chance to pick it up for FREE.

Name: Artifice
Rating: 4.3 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Rolling off his couch after a rough night, the day started off no different from any other. That is, up until John opened his coat closet and saw a dragon staring back at him.

Transported to the exotic city of Iathera, he befriends an enigmatic green-skinned woman and a wizard with a penchant for bathrobes. Deciding that a temporary change of scenery was called for, John opts to take a vacation in this bizarre land.

However, John’s rest and relaxation is interrupted when news of an unprovoked attack reaches them. Having trekked across an entire ocean, the nation of Kierd has now besieged the allied Nebar Cluster.

With Kierd wielding devastating weapons never before seen in that world, the surrounding region is rapidly thrown into turmoil.

Though still unsure over why exactly he was brought there, John finds that he may hold a key in helping to understand their adversary.

Reviews: "Episode 1 is an imaginative mix of fantasy and sci-fi that sets the stage for future books. The world is quirky, and a little different from your standard pure fantasy and pure sci-fi books and the author somehow manages to tie both together.

I am intrigued and plan to continue following the series (I bought Episode 1 and 2 together)."

Get your copy of Artifice now!

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