Sunday, December 15, 2013

Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire: Kindle Book Sale 12/15

The sequel to the New York Times Bestseller from author Marian Tee, The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire takes us deeper into the burgeoning romance of Mairi and Damen. This is a perfect story for everyone who believes love can transcend class. Check it out now!

Name: The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire
Rating: 4.8 stars over 18 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with.

When this little girl grew up, she found what she was looking for - but he did not believe in the same bedtime stories.

When she told him she loved him at first sight because he was a Greek billionaire, he did not think she was a hopeless romantic. Instead, he thought she was a gold digger.

This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.

Reviews: "Who doesn't dream of meeting a Greek Billionaire especially if he is young and handsome, the problem is what happens after you have met him and fallen for him, in the continuing saga of Mairi and Damen we find out that true love doesn't always run smooth and that even in novels what you read in novels doesn't always happen. The writing is wonderful though you really need to read the Art of Catching A Greek Billionaire first to know who is who and what is what, but the characters are once again well drawn and we sympathise with Mairi and also with Damen as he struggles to believe in love. Can't wait for the next episode due in January."

Get your copy of The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire now!

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