Saturday, November 2, 2013

To Free a Spy: Free Kindle Book 11/2

A scintillating thriller with plenty of meat on its bones, To Free a Spy from author Nick Ganaway has the kind of heart-pounding action, characters you can identify with, and fun writing that make it a clear winner. Best of all, you can pick it up for FREE now!

Name: To Free a Spy
Rating: 4.6 stars over 40 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: The Boeing 747 is minutes from inflicting a nuclear event of Hiroshima proportions on Los Angeles! Can the man hand-picked by the President unravel the web of espionage, extortion and smoldering revenge in time?

United States National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden rocks the White House to its foundation when he provides secret NSA documents to the Washington Post alleging that the U.S. gathers telephone and email records of its citizens and electronically spies on its international neighbors. President Garrison Cross and the U.S. face unyielding condemnation from leaders around the world and Democrats and Republicans alike at home. If Cross needs any more heat it comes when he learns that a CIA mole has outmaneuvered the FBI and a Russian scientist has escaped from a closed Soviet weapons factory known as Kremlyov with a cache of weapons-grade nuclear material, whereabouts unknown.

The besieged President jerks the FBI out of the loop and brings in Cam Warfield, a darkside intel veteran who runs a counterterrorism training center for the Army and lives with the beautiful Dr. Fleming DeGrande on her ranch in suburban Virginia. But the vengeful FBI director pulls the rug from under Warfield and the nukes end up in treacherous hands.

Then just crucial minutes off the coast of Los Angeles a duplicate of the Hiroshima atom bomb sits in the belly of a Boeing 747 traveling at 500 miles an hour. With minutes left before disaster Warfield believes he can convince the pilot to abort but it is then that he confronts his biggest and most unexpected challenge yet: the very man who commissioned him, who’s sitting in the Oval Office in Washington, D.C.!

More than once Warfield narrowly escapes death as the case leads him to Tokyo and Vegas, Paris and Atlantic City—where he runs headlong into the mole’s lair.

Reviews: "To Kill A Spy is an exciting and serious read! I wait for the end of the chapter to put it down for the night but when I get there there's no way. There are times where you think, "Oh, that could never happen" but you know it could! Cam Warfield is blocked at every turn by a resentful FBI director as he pursues the Russian nuke scientist whose actions threaten the world, and he spends all too much of his time at the It'll Do lounge. But he finds time for some intimate moments with his girlfriend Dr. Fleming DeGrande on her Virginia ranch or at their favorite hangout, Ticcio's restaurant, where I'd like to go sometime! I give it five stars!"

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