Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Paperboys Club: Kindle Book Sale 11/10

Get your heart pounding with the thriller The Paperboys Club from author Mobashar Qureshi. A highly rated bestsellers, this one features detective Samantha Banter as she tracks down the killer of a young boy. This one is full of surprises. Get it now for a steal!

Name: The Paperboys Club
Rating: 4.2 stars over 37 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: Detective Samantha Banter is assigned a cold case involving the murder of a seven-year-old boy.

Sam's daughter, Maryann, is quiet and withdrawn. She befriends Thomas and Christopher, who, like her, have a secret--gifts that are a result of traumatic episodes in their pasts.

Clarence Hynes has been locked up in the mental institute for a crime he committed two years ago. Clarence, however, is burdened with something far worse.

Can Sam find the young boy's killer? Will Maryann, Thomas, and Christopher share their secret? How does Clarence link them all together?

The Paperboys Club is a supernatural thriller with twists and turns that lead to a shocking conclusion.

Reviews: "This is a new author for me and I am pleasantly surprised. Not quite what I thought it would be from the title, and this is a good thing. Kept me on my toes. The story is well written. It has mystery, paranormal, humor, family, courage and honesty in the book. There are a few different storylines in this book that meld to form one great read. Also love what happens with Sam's daughter.

Detective Samantha Banter and her partner Detective Fred Bashir are given a cold case to solve. She is working against another pair of detectives. Whom ever solves their case first gets the promotion. How Sam and Fred go about solving this case makes for a great read. What Sam went through has made her grow as a person.

Well worth the read and I have a new favorite author."

Get your copy of The Paperboys Club now!

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