Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Last Season, The Story of a Marriage: Kindle Book of the Day 11/7

The Last Season, The Story of a Marriage is a fantastic novel about marriage, romance, and the ways life can sometimes throw us a curveball. After twenty-seven years of marriage, Ginger Middleton lands a job that could put her marriage in jeopardy, but it’s a revelation from that past that does the real damage. An honest, relatable, and terrific book! Check it out now on SALE for just 99¢!

Name: The Last Season, The Story of a Marriage
Rating: 4.4 stars over 10 reviews
Price: 3.99 0.99
Description: What happens when a successful, determined middle-aged man falls in love with a woman who has been happily married for twenty-seven years? If he's Avery Laird, he hires her to work for him.

Buddy Middleton is positive that the job his wife, Ginger, is offered is too good to be true, that Avery Laird has an ulterior motive, but he can't prove it. When Buddy voices his doubts and urges her not to take it, he makes Ginger feel as though she isn't worth the offer. Determined to prove him wrong, Ginger goes to work for Laird and saves him over half a million dollars in the first real estate deal she handles for his company.

Flush with success, Ginger believes that the problems she and Buddy had are over. But then they have an unexpected guest from the past, a fellow named Hoot with whom Buddy played professional baseball when they were newly married. Hoot tells Ginger the true reason Buddy quit baseball, a subject they had always avoided. When Ginger confronts Buddy with what she has learned, trouble really begins... and Avery is there waiting.

Reviews: "As the book chronicles the changes in [the characters’] lives, it takes unexpected twists that certainly held my interest! The dialogue and the struggles of Ginger and Buddy are very true to life and make this an enjoyable read."

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