Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Kindle Fire Game: Detective Mystery 11/7

If you're a puzzle fan, a mystery fan, or if you just love a great game, be sure to check out Detective Mystery, a terrific new Hidden Object app that let's you follow Detective Hawk Moe on the case of a lifetime! With it's gorgeous artwork and thrilling gameplay, this is a game anyone will love! Get it today for 50% OFF and enjoy!

Name: Hidden Object - Detective Mystery
Rating: 5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Price: 1.99 0.99

Description: 50% off launch sale! Regular price is $1.99. Get it now!

Join detective Hawk Moe, as he recalls his most difficult case. Detective Mystery features truly beautiful, realistically rendered industrial locations. The tense music and impressive artwork combine into thrilling experience of an unforgettable hidden object game.

Play the STORY MODE, with 19 original hidden object scenes! Help the detective through a series of hidden object challenges, as he tries to clear the name of his client, a journalist wrongly accused of bank robbery. The truth unveils slowly, with one clever comment from the investigator at a time.

Play the ARCADE MODE in a difficulty level of your choice:

- CASUAL - No time limit and quick hint. All modes available for each unlocked level!
- NORMAL - Time limit and slower hint. Each use of hint costs 2 seconds. Only those modes you've played in the previous level are available in the next one.
- EXPERT - Bonus mode for those who got all stars on all levels in either CASUAL or NORMAL mode.

Each scene can be completed in three search modes:

Complete each of them on the scene to get three stars! Go back to previous levels to get a better score and unlock the next section!


- clever fun to solve hidden object scenes
- item search by word or by pictures and by silhouette
- inspiring artwork in realistic locations
- difficulty levels and unlockable content

Get your copy of Hidden Object - Detective Mystery now!

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