Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Kindle Fire Game: Cursed by Diamonds 11/16

Are you ready for a fantastic new Hidden Object game? Check out Cursed by Diamonds, the beautiful and exciting new game from Jennifer Ensley and Phatpuppy! Great artwork, fun gameplay, and an excellent story make this a game everyone will enjoy! Grab your copy on SALE today and enjoy!

Name: Hidden Object - Cursed by Diamonds
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 0.99

Description: Author Jennifer Ensley and best-selling artist Phatpuppy present "Cursed by Diamonds"!

What if a pure and loving heart unintentionally caused Angels to fall, demons to rise, and blurred the line between heaven and hell?

Jenevier owns such a heart. An innocent, unadulterated purity that is too quick to find good where none exists. Her blind trust and radiant soul could be the answer long sought, or, it could mark the end of us all.

50% off Launch Sale! Buy now at half the list price of $1.99 and get future updates for free!

-Story narrated by the author, Jennifer Ensley
-15 beautiful stages by acclaimed artist Phatpuppy!
-3 game modes: CASUAL, NORMAL, and CHALLENGE
-4 ways to find items: PICTURE, SILHOUETTE, WORDS and RANDOM
-2 difficulty settings: NORMAL and HARD
-Training mode and hints are included
-GameCircle highscores

Have fun!

Get your copy of Hidden Object - Cursed by Diamonds now!

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