Thursday, November 21, 2013

Free Kindle Book: A Time of Myths 11/21

Here's a great deal on a thriller you won't soon forget! In A Time of Myths, five students reunite 17 years after befriending one another at Woodstock. On a mysterious Greek island, they reveal their darkest secrets, and you'll never believe what happens next! An intense historical mystery with fantastic characters. Get it for FREE today! Check it out now!

Name: A Time of Myths
Rating: 4.2 stars over 19 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: That rarest of books, action-packed yet an intelligent and literary novel - The Magus meets Lord of the Flies. Critically acclaimed by a host of Top Amazon Reviewers in the US and UK:

« A beautifully cross-cultural tale of men and women, English and American, and land both old and new. It's haunting...and it brings Woodstock, Crete, and the boardroom all to vividly plausible life: imho, a masterpiece! »***** S. Deeth, Vine Voice, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

« A great book... recommend to anyone who loves a well structured story » ***** A. Rose, Vine Voice, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

« evocative, tense and dramatic... » **** Mrs. Katharine Kirby, Vine Voice, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

« makes you think as well as tells a story » **** C. Bannister, Vine Voice, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

« stays compelling right up to the end » ***** Eileen Shaw, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

« A fine debut from new author Chris Blamires »  **** Lincs Reader, Vine Voice, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

Nathan has spent seventeen long years in exile on a tiny Greek island, guarding a terrible secret - an act of love that has triggered devastating consequences. But now strange events compel him to return to civilisation to search out a long-lost love - and face a murderous foe. Events that spin out of control to reach a deadly climax in Soho, England, as treachery and self-deception are forced into the glaring sunlight.

And yet... this is only half the story. For into the narrative the author weaves a multitude of the myths that we must live by in order to survive.

Reviews: "I am in awe of Chris Blamires' exceptional debut novel, which contains a wonderful concoction of colorful characters amid an intensely exciting world wrought with danger. Steeped in folklore of the 20th century this is not just your average historical mystery but something truly special for it seeks to examine who we are, and how are choices and actions define and shape our lives…"

Get your copy of A Time of Myths now!

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