Friday, November 1, 2013

Free Kindle Book: Story Time 11/1

Fans of intense apocalyptic fiction will definitely want to pick up Story Time today while it’s FREE! In this terrific book, natural disasters and human evil turn our world into an unrecognizable wasteland, but there’s hope for the survivors, and one young woman was there to tell us the story! Check it out now!

Name: Story Time
Rating: 4.2 stars over 67 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: In the not too distant future a young woman bears witness to the end of her world.

Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions rock the planet, reducing cities to smoking rubble, burying entire islands and coastlines beneath cataclysmic waves.

Religious fervor and human evil erupt and entwine, becoming a maelstrom of madness in the days after, bringing with it the horror of apocalyptic war.

As a population in the depths of despair struggles to overcome insurmountable odds, can a single glimmer of hope flare into a beacon for the survivors?

This is her tale...the world is ours...and now, it's STORY TIME.

Reviews: "This is a beautifully crafted book. Ms Jeppsen has done a brilliant job of portraying the entire gamut of human emotions and personalities, - from weakness to strength, despair to hope, immorality to compassion, grief to peace. Her characters are utterly believable and her descriptions of events put you in the midst of the action. It is well-paced and maintains the tension throughout. I loved the book and recommend highly."

Get your copy of Story Time now!

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  1. Be sure to download The Beginning of the Story-- if you want to see what happened before, and after the end of the world as we know it! 99 cents on Amazon- FREE on Smashwords and KOBO


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