Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Kindle Book: Into the Killer Sphere 11/29

If you like mysteries, you’re going to love Into the Killer Sphere! A vacation turns into a murder investigation in this twist-filled and suspenseful novel. Mattana keeps the story’s secrets perfectly hidden until the very end. You’ll be on the edge of your seat till the very last page. Grab this terrific book today for FREE! Check it out now!

Name: Into the Killer Sphere
Rating: 4.9 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 1.99 FREE
Description: Chase Williams is looking forward to a solitary week off, away from the office, when he is dragged into a strange murder case by his friend, Inspector Angelo Alunni.
Piero Galli has died as a result of a chandelier falling on him and breaking his neck. It looks like an accident, but Alunni is not convinced: so who killed Galli?

Despite his plans for a vacation, Chase ends up in a detective story; he has to unravel the knots in a high ranking family of Tursenia, a Medieval city in the heart of Italy, where appearances always come first and foremost, especially if you are wealthy.

As well as rough-necked youths, an interrupted wedding and a handful of noisy dogs, Chase has to cope with that Italian classic: meddling neighbours.
This is a murder case where attention to even the tiniest detail could make the difference between leaving a killer on the loose or bringing him or her to justice.

Will Chase take down the assassin before there are more deaths?

Reviews: "This is not a simple crime book, but THE typical crime story: interesting, realistic, and the haunt of the guilty is not surely obvious at all…Now I can say, without any doubt, that Stefania Mattana has entered rightly in my top 10 best writers! And the waiting for her next book is just started."

Get your copy of Into the Killer Sphere now!

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