Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Kindle Book: Black Flagged 11/25

There’s never been a better time to pick up the stunning thriller Black Flagged! This action-packed introduction to the Black Flagged series is intense and wonderful. An agent with a dark secret is dragged back into the world of covert missions and forced to release his dark side! Grab this must-read book today for FREE! Check it out now!

Name: Black Flagged
Rating: 4.1 stars over 248 reviews
Price: 3.99 FREE
Description: A graduate of the Department of Defense's experimental Black Flag program, Daniel Petrovich carries a secret he's taken extreme measures to keep buried. A secret hidden in the deepest vaults of the Pentagon.

Someone is trying to raise the fallen program from the ashes and bring Daniel back with it. Someone who holds the key to Daniel's darkest secrets...and has pulled his strings before.

In exchange for the promise of a clean slate, and a chance to keep the life he has built with the woman he loves, Daniel agrees to carry out one final mission: the seemingly uncomplicated assassination of a confirmed terrorist financier.

Daniel's life is about to disintegrate, as he becomes the focus of a relentless federal manhunt, and the target of a ruthlessly vengeful CIA agent. To survive, he'll be forced to release a dark side he'd fought for years to suppress. A dark side critical to his former puppet master's intricate plan to revive the Black Flag program.

Black Flagged lays the foundation for a gritty, unapologetic series exploring the often unceremoniously brutal and serpentine link between covert operations and government agency politics.

Reviews: "Konkoly offers a well-written, explosive thriller in the tradition of Flynn, Thor, and Clancy. The delightfully flawed characters (Petrovich, Berg, Sanderson...)are richly drawn from an author who clearly enjoys spinning a tale. Sanderson, the puppet master, is an especially wicked treat. With "Black Flagged", Konkoly has created the beginnings of an epic franchise which has already delighted a justifiably large audience."

Get your copy of Black Flagged now!

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