Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bargain Kindle Book: Sir Laurence Dies 11/26

Get ready for one of the best murder mysteries you’ve ever read! This story about a soldier, a detective, and a dinner party that becomes a murder investigation will definitely keep you on your toes! Sir Laurence Dies keeps the surprises coming, and you can grab a copy today for just $1.99! Check it out now!

Name: Sir Laurence Dies
Rating: 4.3 stars over 23 reviews
Price: 1.99
Description: Sir Laurence was a decorated soldier in the Great War, and a hardnosed businessman. He was also a man of whom everyone was a little afraid. So when he boasted to Doctor Straay about his expert knowledge of crime fiction and requested that Straay spend a weekend at his country estate, the detective had reservations.

What began as an absorbing evening of drinks, conversation, and card games, soon turned into a horrific scene of murder. Fiction would soon give way to fact and in this game, the game of murder, Doctor Straay was the expert...

Reviews: "This is a beautifully written cozy historical police procedural…Mr. Abbot's writing is elegant, and his diction is precise. He has set his mystery principally between the World Wars, and he demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the first half of the 20th Century."

Get your copy of Sir Laurence Dies now!

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