Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ultimate Guide To Food Dehydration and Drying: Kindle Book of the Day 10/31

It’s always smart to be prepared, and with today’s book of the day, The Ultimate Guide To Food Dehydration and Drying, you can be sure you’ll always have something to eat even in an emergency situation. Or learn how to preserve a wide range of nutritional foods just for fun! Either way, with it’s terrific tips and tricks, this guide is a must-have resource. Check it out now for FREE!

Name: The Ultimate Guide To Food Dehydration and Drying
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: The Ultimate Guide To Food Dehydration And Drying

How To Dehydrate, Dry, And Preserve Your Food

Good preparation means being ready for an unexpected shortage in basic necessities. This makes home food preservation techniques as important as ever in today's uncertain climate. Learning these practical and easy to learn methods will ensure that you're prepared for months up to years with a wide range of nutritional foods.
But being prepared isn't the only reason to preserve food; there are several economical, nutritional, and fun reasons to join this movement. Whether you've never considered food preservation or if you're drying food right now, there's something in this book for you. We'll cover food drying and dehydration methods as well as freeze-drying and pickling techniques certain to change the way you look at food.

This Guide Will Cover:
  • An in-depth primer into food preservation
  • The awesome benefits of drying, pickling, and freezing
  • Step by step methods and strategies
  • The best foods to preserve at home and why
  • And much more! 
Get your copy of The Ultimate Guide To Food Dehydration and Drying now!

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