Monday, October 21, 2013

New Kindle Fire App: Fruit Drops II 10/21

If you're a fan of puzzle games, you should definitely check out this great new sequel to the hit Fruit Drops. Fruit Drops Part II is a fun and addictive match-three game with added obstacles that make things more and more challenging as you go! With its cool graphics and unique new board configurations, this is a fantastic follow-up game and lots of fun for the whole family. Check it out now!

Name: Fruit Drops Part II
Rating: 4.8 stars over 19 reviews
Price: 0.99

Description: Fruit Drops 2 - Match three puzzle begins as a simple match three board game and gradually increases difficulties as obstacles are added and level objectives becomes more challenging.

Introducing a new Objective/Obstacle - Netted Fruit.

There are four possible objectives on each level.

1. Score quota
2. Removing dark pulps
3. Bringing down popsicles.
4. Free all the fruit from the net.

There are two possible challenges on each level.

1. Complete the objective before time runs out.
2. Complete the objective before you run out of swaps.


1. Fruit crate / Fruit Pie: A Fruit crate can not be moved, can only be cleared if an adjacent fruit is cleared or if a fruit jar or a double fruit power up is triggered.

Clearing a Fruit crate leaves a level 3 dark pulp.

2. Netted Fruit: A fruit behind a net can not be moved or swapped. Can only be removed by matching the fruit behind the net with two other fruits of the same kind, or if it's in the path of a triggered power up chain.

Get your copy of Fruit Drops Part II now!

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