Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Kindle Fire App: Happy Halloween 10/30

Puzzle fans, today is your day! Happy Halloween is a fantastic new game for anyone who enjoys a great jigsaw puzzle! With it's beautiful images, 20 randomly generated puzzles, and increasing difficulty levels, this is a game you'll never get tired of. Check it out now and enjoy!

Name: Live Jigsaws - Happy Halloween
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 1.99

Description: Difference Games presents "Live Jigsaws - Happy Halloween"!

In our biased opinion this is the best jigsaw engine available and it features the work of acclaimed artist 'Phatpuppy'. Watch the pieces and puzzles come alive with subtle animations adding great depth to the experience.

Embark on a Halloween adventure into a land where the weird and wicked are the norm. Journey through 20 spine-chilling realms, with puzzles randomly generated each time you play. Watch as the walls twitch and flinch, coming alive with the spooky animations. Each puzzle difficulty has more pieces than the last, with up to 252 in a scene!

-Classic jigsaw puzzle gameplay
-20 beautiful but creepy scenes
-Randomized puzzle cuts at the start of every game!
-4 difficulty modes to choose from: EASY (20), MEDIUM (48), HARD (96), EXPERT (252)
-Great fun for all ages!

Get your copy of Live Jigsaws - Happy Halloween now!

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