Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free Kindle Book: Boxes For Beds 10/16

Thriller lovers, be sure to check out Boxes For Beds. This suspenseful book about a woman set up by the mob for a series of kidnappings in the 1960s is full of fantastic twists and page after page of great storytelling. A great buy at any price, this one is FREE today! There's absolutely no reason not to grab it right now!

Name: Boxes For Beds
Rating: 4.4 stars over 16 reviews
Price: 3.99 FREE
Description: In this historical mystery, set in Arkansas in 1961 when the mob still ruled Hot Springs, babies are being kidnapped, and the local sheriff has to put this case to bed before the bosses come down from Chicago. They don't need the heat, and they have the leverage with the sheriff to make him do whatever they want. It seems like a good move to arrest Leslie Richards, the new woman in town, even though there is only thin circumstantial evidence against her. Better for it to be a stranger taking those babies and not one of their own.

Leslie has left New York with her ten-year-old daughter, Mandy, hoping to escape from her past and the ruins of a relationship, only to discover that there is little peace for her in Pine Hollow, Arkansas.

Reviews: "Suspense and mystery and yes romance. New lady in town and they decide she has been stealing babies for years! Very good story and very believable twists. I like stories that allow you to get inside the character; this one does that."

Get your copy of Boxes For Beds now!

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