Sunday, October 13, 2013

Free Kindle Book: 31 Days To A Clean And Organized Home 10/13

Keeping your house clean can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be impossible. 31 Days To A Clean And Organized Home is an excellent guide that will help you clean smartly and efficiently. Keep your upkeep and organizing manageable with these valuable tips and tricks. This is an must-have resource, and you can get it for FREE today! Check it out now!

Name: 31 Days To A Clean And Organized Home
Rating: 4.2 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Cleaning and organizing your house ranks near the bottom on most people's list of activities that they enjoy. When people think of cleaning they often imagine long days of labor, sweat, and sometimes tears. The problem is that most people will wait until their living situation is so messy it become unbearable. We find that most people will hide their junk, garbage, and clutter in their closets, dressers, and drawers. They will only take action once these areas are full and they have no where else to put their clutter. This can lead to long weekends of deep cleaning and organizing. This problem is only further compounding if you are trying to keep a clean house and you have a large family. This book will change the way you view cleaning!.

This book will cover:
How to break down the cleaning process into manageable chunks
  • Why most people fail to keep a clean home
  • The step-by-step process to clean your home in 31 days
  • How to keep your home clean after you have completed the course
  • Over 50 tips and tricks you can use to keep your home spotless
  • much, much, more!
What if we told you that by just changing your daily cleaning habits you can keep your home clean and organized once and for all. By just spending twenty to thirty minutes each day on one task you can obtain the clean house you always dreamed of. Our lives are shaped by our daily habits and this applies to cleaning as well. This book will break down the usually tough cleaning job into small bite sized chunks. Each day you will be presented with a new cleaning objective, a secondary objective, and step by step instructions on how to accomplish your cleaning goal. After thirty-one days you will have cleaned your entire house! Once you have completed a month you can start over and go right though the list again. This will help you develop strong cleaning habits and it will allow you to avoid those large cleaning jobs. So download now and learn how to clean and keep your home clean in 31 days.

Reviews: "I used to think it was impossible to keep a clean house all the time, but now I know that I was approaching it all wrong. Although I'll never enjoy cleaning, the day-by-day tasks in this book have made cleaning manageable. Can't wait to see what my house will look like after a whole month!"

Get your copy of 31 Days To A Clean And Organized Home: How To Organize, Clean, And Keep Your Home Spotless now!

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