Thursday, October 24, 2013

Busy Mom's Guide: Free Kindle Book 10/24

A great tool to stay organized and keep on top of the ever-growing messes that a family can create, this top-quality guide has all of the tips you need. Right now you can pick it up for FREE and be on your way to a better home environment. Don't miss it!

Name: The Busy Mom's Guide To Speed Cleaning And Organizing
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Being a busy mom and handling a large family can be a full-time job by itself, let alone trying to keep your home clean and organized as well. This book will help you save time and money and keep your house clean and organized while balancing life's other challenges. We will show you numerous cleaning tips, tricks, and techniques to help you clean your house more quickly and efficiently. We will also show you how to get your entire family involved in the cleaning process and how to start developing strong cleaning and organizational habits in your young children.

This book will cover:
Cleaning and organizational philosophy
Natural Green Cleaning Recipes
How to clean and organize your kitchen
How to get your family involved in the cleaning process
How to keep your bathroom clean and organized
How to cut down on the time it takes to clean and organize your home
How to keep your entire house organized
How to save space and cut back on clutter
How to organize and clean your bedroom
and much, much, more!

So join the crowd of busy moms who have found time-saving tips and information in this book.  Download now and stop spending so much time cleaning and organizing, and instead focus on the important things in life!

Get your copy of The Busy Mom's Guide To Speed Cleaning And Organizing now!

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