Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Emperor's Edge Collection: Kindle Books of the Day 9/12

Here's a fantastic deal if you're looking for an adventure-filled series that'll really knock your socks off! Follow a band of aspiring heroes as they try to save the emperor and clear their names. With its excellent characters, witty dialogue, and exciting story lines, this box set of THREE FULL-LENGTH novels is a can't-miss addition to your Kindle. Pick up The Emperor's Edge Collection ON SALE today for just 99¢!

Name: The Emperor's Edge Collection
Rating: 4.7 stars over 26 reviews
Price: 7.69 0.99
Description: For those who enjoy adventure, fantasy, steampunk, and heroes who are just as likely to battle with words as with swords, the first three Emperor's Edge novels are now available in one collection.

Follow enforcer-turned-outlaw Amaranthe Lokdon, the infamous assassin Sicarius, and their team of aspiring heroes as they attempt to clear their names by thwarting evils aimed at the young emperor.

This collection includes:
  • The Emperor's Edge
  • Dark Currents
  • Deadly Games
Each full-length novel is over 100,000 words (300 pages).

The Emperor's Edge Series Reading Order:
  • The Emperor's Edge (Book 1)
  • Dark Currents (Book 2)
  • Deadly Games (Book 3)
  • Conspiracy (Book 4)
  • Blood and Betrayal (Book 5)
  • Forged in Blood I (Book 6)
  • Forged in Blood II (Final Book)
Reviews: "If you love great, well-developed characters, an amazing plot that keeps you guessing, and an awesome high-fantasy universe, this is THE series for you. Enjoy!"

Get your copy of The Emperor's Edge Collection now!

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