Monday, September 9, 2013

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 9/9

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase!

Pet Rescue Saga Levels Help - Puzzle Game
3.7 stars over 11 reviews

Description: Did you get past pet rescue saga level 37 yet? no...well your in luck because the (unofficial) Pet Rescue Saga Levels Help gives you help with all levels Pet Rescue Saga. Now you can dominate with tips, cheats & strategies. Become a pet rescue pro in no time.

Our App Features:

- Real time News and Updates on
- Videos with latest Pet Rescue Saga videos, cheats & tips
- Get the Latest Tweet Trend/Facebook - share/ RT/ @, interact with other fans
- High Quality Photo Gallery

And much more…

You can even learn how to play pet rescue saga better and blast past even more levels

Your going to love it!

Get your free copy of Pet Rescue Saga Levels Help!

Tangled - Kids
No Reviews
Description: Very fun Memory Game for Kids with cute images and funny sounds! It will help to train your kids memory with these awesome sweet images.

Get your free copy of Tangled!

Smash Brick - Classic Arcade Game
No Reviews
Description: Discover the power of Smash Brick today. Stunning music and stunning graphics for this new Arkanoid-like game. If you like brick breakers games, you will love Smash Brick as it remains true to the best ones ever created while adding new features and options.

Smash Brick is a simple ball, paddle, and block game where you move your paddle from side to side to bounce the ball and try to break the blocks.

One of the most addictive apps on Android!

We've got 60 levels and 3 different modes of speed (slow, medium & fast) for you to conquer.

How to play:
Touch the bottom part of the screen (or use the track ball) to control the paddle to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom. Remove all the bricks to level up. You can turn off the sound in the stage selection screen(top right button).

Get your free copy of Smash Brick!

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