Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Kindle Book: Domestic Entanglements 9/25

Get a big does of funny with today's light-hearted romance, Domestic Entanglements! A hunt for a surrogate turns into a hysterical situation no one could have expected. This story will make you smile, and you can get it for FREE day. Don't miss your chance to grab this one before the price goes back up. Check it out now!

Name: Domestic Entanglements
Rating: 4.0 stars over 33 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Blade Dafner is a hunk of a man, but a married one. Dali Wright is a career woman, looking for a way to pay for Graduate School.

Meanwhile, Blade and his wife are planning to hire a surrogate to carry the child Blade so desperately wants but his wife, Daisy, doesn't want to ruin her surgically enhanced figure for.

When Blade and Dali meet by chance, it's electrifying. Little do they realize in this first encounter how entwined their lives will soon become... all by chance.

A joyfully funny and enjoyable journey ensues between Blade, Dali, and Daisy, Dr. Dirk Dynk (Daisy's gynecologist), and the ancient butler, Buford.

NOTE: This is an updated and edited version of Karen Laven's novel The Surrogate Who Cleaned Up.

Reviews: "Domestic Entanglements is hysterically funny and yet really romantic at the same time. The pages turn very fast. I was laughing out loud throughout the book and have recommended it to my friends. Really enjoyed Domestic Entanglements! Romantic, funny and sweet!"

Get your copy of Domestic Entanglements now!

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