Friday, September 13, 2013

Deadly Election: Kindle Book of the Day 9/13

If you're in the mood for excitement, you'll definitely want to check out Deadly Election, an intriguing and extremely suspenseful thriller that takes you through the jungles of the Philippines as one man does whatever it takes to stop an evil politician from rising to power! Grab this great read today FOR FREE and enjoy!

Name: Deadly Election
Rating: 4.5 stars over 33 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: The tension starts to mount, even from the prologue as an innocent girl is defiled and killed in front of her dying father by heartless soldiers.

The pace does not let up. The plot takes you through the steamy jungles of the Philippines as ruthless men lie, cheat, and bribe their way to the very top.

More innocents will die as the evil Senator Consuelo murders and schemes towards the presidential election. The old soldier, Paul, is the only one with any power to stop this desperate man from or becoming the president. Can he survive to thwart to powerful senator’s plans or will he too meet his end?

Chloe, the beautiful, young, long-suffering wife of Consuelo is left with agonizing decisions to make. Can she save her husband? Does she want to? The actions increases apace as Election Day nears, with many twists and turns distracting the ruthless man. After police and army raids, street battles, and daring escapes he eventually wins the election. Or does he?

Anyone who has any knowledge of the Philippines will know that the fictional event may not be too far from the truth. But any readers of political or crime thrillers will enjoy the book.

Reviews: "Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon is a well plotted and fast paced thriller set in the Philippines during an election campaign. It is packed with corruption, some historical connection through the link to the past (when the Japanese were oppressing the country, intriguing characters (to say the least), sex, crime, politics and action. Fans of political thrillers should love it."

Get your copy of Deadly Election now!

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