Friday, September 27, 2013

Broken Pieces: Kindle Book Sale 9/27

A unique collection blurring the lines between memoir, essay, and more, Broken Pieces from Bestselling author Rachel Thompson takes us inside the mind of a woman who's not afraid to share some of the most intimate parts of her existence. Don't miss this great deal on a highly rated book!

Name: Broken Pieces
Rating: 4.1 stars over 144 reviews
Price: 6.99 2.99
Description: This is my most intensive work to date.
Broken Pieces is a work of nonfiction essays, poetry, and prose where I open my soul and invite you in for a visit. It's vulnerable, it's raw honesty, it's no-holds barred. This is the first book I've published where I questioned if readers and reviewers would respond favorably due to the serious nature of the work.

And yet, they have.

Most readers know me as the funny girl, but this work (hinted at in A Walk In The Snark), shows that I can go into those long buried rooms, the ones we lock up deep inside, and share.
These stories were there. I simply had to wait until my brain caught up.

Reviews: "In this collection of essays, the author delves into some of the most painful experiences in her life. Although our life experiences are quite different, I found myself nodding my head most of the way through the book. You see, I think most women have experiences in their lives that they can't find the words to explain, they just know how it felt. Rachel found the words for herself, and for all of us. While men may also relate on the same level, I thought while reading the novel that it is something I would like my sons to read. Maybe as an 'understanding women's feelings and emotions: 101' course."

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