Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some Are Sicker Than Others: Kindle Book of the Day 8/13

In Andrew Seaward's excellent Some Are Sicker Than Others, three addicts find themselves in rehab seeking recovery and redemption. They've all had rough pasts, but what they're about to face may be the hardest thing yet! This is an intense and powerful read that's as heart wrenching as it is suspenseful. I guarantee you'll be reading this one well into the night. Check it out now!

Name: Some Are Sicker Than Others
Rating: 4.3 stars over 111 reviews
Price: 2.99 1.99

In this gripping debut novel by Andrew Seaward, the lives of three addicts converge following an accidental and horrific death.

Monty Miller, a self-destructive, codependent alcoholic, is wracked by an obsession to drink himself to death as punishment for a fatal car accident he didn't cause.

Dave Bell, a former all-American track star turned washed-up high school volleyball coach, routinely chauffeurs his bus full of teens on a belly full of liquor and head full of crack.

Angie Mallard, a recently divorced housewife with three estranged children, will go to any lengths to restore the family she lost to crystal meth.

All three are court-mandated to a secluded drug rehab high in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There, they learn the universal truth among alcoholics and addicts:

Though they may all be sick...SOME ARE SICKER THAN OTHERS.

Based on the author's own personal experience with substance abuse and twelve-step programs, Some Are Sicker Than Others, transcends the clichés of the typical recovery story by exploring the insidiousness of addiction and the harrowing effect it has on not just the afflicted, but everyone it touches.

Reviews: "Andrew Seaward, in his mesmerizing novel Some Are Sicker Than Others, not only weaves an exceptionally well-constructed story with wholly credible characters, managing to open our hearts to create a group of people who seem without the ability to gain our concern, but even more importantly he offers deeper insights and relates more factual information about the disease of addiction than any other writer to date."

Get your copy of Some Are Sicker Than Others now!

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