Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Kindle Book: Public School Princess 8/31

Be sure to check out this fantastic new book from Augusta Blythe! In Public School Princess, Hollister (an heiress and a bonafide princess) must transition from a private academy to public school when her mother gets dragged back into rehab. It isn't easy, but will the change help Hollister realize what's really important in life? A must-read! Check it out now!

Name: Public School Princess
Rating: No Reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: In the world of Hollister Bucksey-Breiten fame, money and power are as prevalent as plastic surgery. Sixteen-year-old Hollister is heiress to the Bucksey real estate empire on her mother's side, as well as a bonafide princess thanks to her deceased royal father. After her troubled mother heads yet again to rehab, the celebutante suddenly finds herself shipped from the privileged halls of Shotley Academy in Los Angeles to a backwoods New Jersey high school. Life at Franklin High isn't what Hollister expects. Instead of being worshipped by her lesser-blessed peers for the usual superficial reasons, Hollister feels ostracized because of them. With the help of her estranged brother and a few new friends, she discovers what's really important not only to her but about her, and that a good heart is her most valuable asset.

Get your copy of Public School Princess now!

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