Sunday, August 25, 2013

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 8/25

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase!

Pirate Adventures: hidden object game - FAotD
3.8 stars over 71 reviews

Description: Once upon a time, a pirate named Sharpshooter Jack obtained a mysterious, ancient box. Jack knew immediately that this box contained something very, very important, but what? It’s locked tight! Trying to find out what is hidden inside the box, Jack gets caught up in wonderful adventure! He will meet with the spirits and become a psychic, escape from prison and learn his destiny! Will he learn a secret of the box too? The answer depends on you!

Key features:
- An incredible story of pirates, treasure and an ancient curse
- Sixty-five challenging levels
- Colorful locations and interesting quests
- Challenging mini games
- Amazing graphics and music

Wonderful adventures, picturesque characters and a little mystery are waiting for you! Hurry up and begin your treasure hunt!

Get your free copy of Pirate Adventures: hidden object game!

Bubble Space - Puzzle Game
3.7 stars over 10 reviews

Description: Bubble space is a fun, space-style bubble shoot game.
The game has a variety of different layout. Emit bubble to match 3 or more bubbles,come and win with E.T.

- Easy to play
- Lovely E.T.
- 3 different galaxy
- Up to 120 fun and challenging levels
- Obstacles like black hole and virus will hiner your win
- Props like bome, colorful bubble makes game even more addictive

Get your free copy of Bubble Space!

Rebus Quiz: Monster High - Word Game
4.5 stars over 17 reviews

Description: For all Monster High fashion dolls fans! The Rebus Quiz Monster High in English makes learning English fun!

This puzzle app is named for rebus, a form of communication based on images. The object of the game is to solve each word puzzle. You are presented with images that represent words containing the letters to spell the word.

Simply choose the appropriate letters from the list at the bottom of the screen.

The Rebus Quiz Monster High in English is challenging, but you will have fun trying to figure out each word. Quotes around the images give you clues to the letters in the word puzzle that you need to solve:
A single quote in the front of an image indicates that you should omit the first letter of the word.
A single quote in the front and back of an image means that you should omit the first and last letters of the word.
Double quotes in back of the image means to omit the last two letters.

You will start the app with a generous 100 coins. Guess the correct letters for a word and earn an extra 25 coins!

Get your free copy of Rebus Quiz: Monster High!

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