Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Kindle Book: Disappearance at Mount Sinai 8/27

The only thing better than a top-notch historical mystery is a FREE top-notch historical mystery! Check out Disappearance at Mount Sinai, the thrilling tale of renowned investigator Detective Pat O'Malley, who must track down a missing entrepreneur and stop a dark conspiracy in the years following the Civil War! Exciting and imaginative, this is a book you're going to love! Check it out now!

Name: Disappearance at Mount Sinai
Rating: 4.5 stars over 2 reviews
Price: 3.99 FREE
Description: As seen in the Jewish Daily Forward!

What if the anti-Semites, racists, and terrorists wanted the final revenge following the Civil War? How do you stop them from committing the worst atrocity?

It's 1866 in New York City. Civil War Vet and Detective Pat O'Malley's biggest case returns him to the deep, dark South to search for the kidnapped wealthiest inventor and entrepreneur in America. But the widening gyre of anti-Semitism and racism pulls him down into the pit of hell itself. Disguised as an Oxford England Professor, O'Malley infiltrates the anti-Semites' group and travels with his partners, Becky Charming and his father, Robert, down to a Collierville, Tennessee mansion.

At the crux of this case are a Jewish father and his five-year-old son, Seth. They have developed a unique bond that relies on Jewish folklore and a belief that they are Mazikeen, half-angel and half-human, born from the loins of Adam's strange female cohorts during the 130 years he was banished from the Garden. Will O'Malley find Dr. Mergenthaler before it's too late? What does this world-wide eugenics group have planned for the mongrel races? Read Jim Musgrave's Disappearance at Mount Sinai, the second mystery in the series of Pat O'Malley Mini-Mysteries.

This is the second historical mystery in the popular Detective Pat O’Malley series. You can read more about this series and sign-up for the newsletter at the Pat O’Malley Mini-Mysteries web site. The second mystery was a featured “summer reading” book at the Jewish Daily Forward because it deals with the “mazikeen,” which are half-human and half-angel beings from Jewish folklore. Both of the mysteries so far in the series have Poetic (as in Edgar Allan Poe) style and supernatural elements that readers enjoy.

Reviews: "There is little to criticize about Disappearance at Mount Sinai and Musgrave's talent shined with this mystery novel. The characters were delightful despite being flawed and hateful. I especially enjoyed the conflict between Pat O'Malley and his father."

Get your copy of Disappearance at Mount Sinai now!

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