Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free and Bargain Kindle Books 8/15

These are today's top Kindle book deals. Remember that sales last for a limited time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails here!

Baehrly Breathing - Fantasy
4.8 stars over 24 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: It's difficult to be taken seriously when you are a member of the Magical community and saddled with the unfortunate name 'Goldie Locke'. It certainly doesn't help if you are also about five feet tall, blond, and most commonly described as 'cute.'. What was a girl to do?

Become one of the most dreaded Magical environmental lawyers of all time?

Goldie isn't there yet, but she's well on her way when a case drags her into uncharted territory-- working with Ordinary officials to figure out why 'unusual' remains are being discovered all around New England.

With her hands full and a new dragon on the way, Goldie's hunches about this case may prove to be all-too true-- this stuff is bad business!

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Daughter of the Sky - Historical
4.4 stars over 12 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: The Victorian Empire has declared war on the Zulus if they don't accede to their outrageous demands. The clock is ticking down to the appointed hour. With no idea why the British are marching three massive columns of men and guns towards them, one Zulu general is prepared to take an impossible risk. But the life he's gambling with isn't his own . . .

The sole survivor of a shipwreck off the Zululand coast, 15 year-old Elizabeth Jones is taken in by the Zulus, the people of the sky. Six years later, her white skin becomes useful to the Zulu army as they try to work out why the Victorian Empire has pointed their war-machine at the Zulu nation. Elizabeth is suddenly Zululand's most important spy.

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Black Coke - Thriller
4.0 stars over 71 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: Nathan Kershner is an agent with the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency and a former special forces operative. Often working undercover, he has single-handedly brought down some of the most wanted criminals in the world.

But when he clashes with the drugs cartel and tries to stem the flow of Black Coke into Europe and the US, he finds himself up against his most difficult assignment yet.

On a mission that takes him from the crack houses of North London to the underground drug labs of southern Colombia, Nathan enters the darkest regions of the war on drugs, where treachery, greed and violence reign.

With the drugs cartel growing in power by the day, Nathan has to decide just how far he is prepared to go to avert disaster.

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Thy Kingdom Fall - Science Fiction
4.3 stars over 27 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: Thy Kingdom Fall is the provocative, debut thriller of author A. Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue—set over 75 years in the future. In 2089, the Washington DC investigation of the daylight murder of the most powerful political king-maker in the nation is the start of a chain of events leading to the outbreak of World War III. It is the first in the epic After Eden series.

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Kindle Fire HD Guide: Google Apps, Play Store, Rooting, Launchers, and More! - Nonfiction
4.1 stars over 10 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: Inside, you'll find tested tutorials and instructions to:

1. Installing third-party appstores
2. Installing Google apps
3. Google Play Store
4. Rooting
5. Launchers, and much More!

Easy to follow instructions with step-by-step guide, screenshots, and videos.

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