Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Free Books from Author William Hazelgrove 8/27

Pick up a pair of FREE Kindle books from highly rated author William Hazelgrove, whose stories touch on something essential about life while still being immensely entertaining. Don't miss The Pitcher, a mythic story of baseball, and Rocket Man, a humorous look at contemporary culture!

The Pitcher - Sports
4.6 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 9.99 0.00
Description: The Pitcher, is a classic story of baseball, the price of dreams, and the lessons of life. A mythic baseball story about a broken down World Series Pitcher is mourning over the death of his wife and an underprivileged Mexican-American boy who lives across the street and wants to learn to pitch. This is a mainstream contemporary novel about dreams lost and found. In the great tradition of books like, The Natural. This is a novel with the mythic themes, readability, and appeal to be a mainstream bestseller.

Get your copy of The Pitcher now!

Rocket Man - Humor
4.3 stars over 78 reviews
Price: 5.99 0.00
Description: Rocket Man is a very funny and poignant comment on our times, when an upside down middle class is barely hanging onto the American dream. Taking cues from the calamity of The Great Recession, we meet Dale Hammer, a man who is determined to find meaning in a landscape of suburban homogeneity, looking for the moment he had with his own father when they blasted off a rocket on a wintery evening. He feels his son slipping away as he tries to get around “the silent shame of fathers and sons.” He becomes the Rocket Man for his sons scout troop and immediately his life implodes. Accused of cutting down the subdivision sign to his neighborhood, he becomes the lone rebel, going down in a flaming arc. When Rocket Day comes, Dale is determined to give his son more than his father gave him.

Get your copy of Rocket Man now!

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