Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sterile: Kindle Book of the Day 7/21

Be sure to check out Sterile, the unforgettable story of a woman whose life goes from bad to worse when a fight with her husband results in a descent into a nightmarish existence where she begins to lose her grip on reality itself! A haunting look at the sometimes tenuous hold we have on our lives and our sanity. Check it out now!

Name: Sterile
Rating: 4.7 stars over 3 reviews
Price: 4.99
Description: ‘I am his wife, he no longer respects, touches or loves me.’

Lisa cries to herself at night. After 15 years of marriage, she cannot accept their fate: a life with no children. She wallows in paranoia as Mark works late and continues his career as a traveling salesman. Her accusations of him cheating on her result in their first major fight which leads to a trail of events that spiral out of Lisa's control.

Will Lisa manage to keep her tenuous grip on her marriage, her life and ultimately reality?

A novel about one woman’s struggle to carry on when her worst nightmare turns into reality.

Reviews: "A girlfriend gave this to me to read and said it would hit home, but I swear it was like I was running alone side Lisa the whole time, wanting to tell her no, no, I've been through that. It's a must read and pass on book."

Get your copy of Sterile now!

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