Monday, July 29, 2013

More Free and Bargain Books July 29th

These are today's top Kindle book deals. Remember that sales last for a limited time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails here!

Atlantis Riptide - YA
4.9 stars over 8 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: Sixteen-year-old Pearl Poseidon ran away from the circus tired of her adoptive parents’ abuse of her special skills. As a runaway, she craves anonymity but when she saves a small boy from drowning she draws attention to herself and her special abilities. Boardwalk employee and aspiring investigative reporter, Chase Thomas, helps her with the rescue and witnesses her amazing dive.

Now, he has questions. And so do the police.
Unbeknownst to Pearl, a battle rages under the Pacific between Loyal and Non-Loyal Atlantean forces and each side wants to use her powers for their cause. Will the commotion in the ocean expose her secrets to the world? Will Chase’s reporter-determination ruin their chance for a real relationship? Will staying near the ocean she loves catapult into a battle royale?

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Apocalyptic Organ Grinder - Action
4.2 stars over 5 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: A fatal virus—a biowarfare experiment unleashed on an unsuspecting world—has reduced the once-mighty United States to a smattering of tribes dueling for survival in the lawless wilderness. The disease-free folk known as Settlers barricade themselves in small villages, determined to keep out the highly contagious Spewers—infected humans who cannot die from the virus but spread the seeds of death from the festering blisters that cover their bodies.

Tanner Kline is a trained Sweeper, sworn to exterminate Spewers roaming the no-man’s-land surrounding his frightened community. As all Settlers do, Tanner dismisses them as little more than savages—until he meets his match in Spewer protector Lila. But when hunter and hunted clash, their bloody tango ignites a firestorm of fear and hatred. Now, no one is safe from the juggernaut of terror that rages unchecked, and the fate of humanity hangs on questions with no answers: Who’s right, who’s wrong . . . and who’s going to care if everyone’s dead?

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Scary Monsters and Super Freaks - True Crime
4.6 stars over 11 reviews
Price: 9.99 0.00
Description: Mike Sager’s bestselling debut collection is now available as an E-book with new material added. Scary Monsters and Super Freaks brings together nineteen of Sager’s best true crime stories. “The Devil and John Holmes,” inspired the movies Boogie Nights and Wonderland. “The Martyrdom of Veronica Guerin” became a Disney film starring Cate Blanchett. In “Janet’s World,” Washington Post Pulitzer fabulist Janet Cooke gives her only complete interviews; in the “Final Days of Gary Condit” the disgraced Republican congressman and his wife speak out publically for the first and only time about the events surrounding the death of the young intern Chandra Levy. “Damn, They Gonna Lynch Us,” the story of the beating by LAPD police of black motorist Rodney Glenn King, is the only complete journalistic investigation of a case that forever changed the racial history of America.

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Serving Time - Science Fiction
5.0 stars over 6 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: When John Simpson hears of a bizarre animal attack in his old home town of High Moor, it stirs memories of a long forgotten horror. John knows the truth. A werewolf stalks the town once more, and on the night of the next full moon, the killing will begin again. He should know. He survived a werewolf attack in 1986, during the worst year of his life.

It’s 1986 and the town is gripped in terror after the mutilated corpse of a young boy is found in the woods. When Sergeant Steven Wilkinson begins an investigation, with the help of a specialist hunter, he soon realises that this is no ordinary animal attack. Werewolves are real, and the trail of bodies is just beginning, with young John and his friends smack in the middle of it.

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