Friday, July 26, 2013

Kindle Book Sale: A Time of Myths 7/26

Here's a great deal on a thriller you won't soon forget! In A Time of Myths, five students reunite 17 years after befriending one another at Woodstock. On a mysterious Greek island, they reveal their darkest secrets, and you'll never believe what happens next! An intense historical mystery with fantastic characters. Get it ON SALE today for just 99¢!

Name: A Time of Myths
Rating: 4.5 stars over 8 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: « ...evokes so well the atmosphere...stays compelling right up to the end » ***** Eileen Shaw, TOP 1000 AMAZON REVIEWER

« ...a genre-busting novel...thrills, a little bit of magic and mystical goings on, and a dollop of history too...a fine debut from new author Chris Blamires »  **** Lincs Reader, VINE VOICE, TOP 500 AMAZON REVIEWER

« ...a book that makes you think as well as one that tells a story of multiple strands, all nicely winding together to the perfect ending. » **** C. Bannister, VINE VOICE, TOP 500 AMAZON REVIEWER

A Sweeping Tale of Mystery and Suspense, steeped in the folklore of the 20th century and played out in 60's Woodstock, 80's Soho & on a remote Greek Island - an ideal vacation read:
  • Woodstock, 1969: the Festival that defined a decade of peace, love and freedom. The paths of five young English students cross - with devastating consequences. Consequences that eventually reach a climax in an isolated Cretan gorge.
  • Seventeen years later: in the 'golden age' of capitalism, dramatic events conspire to reunite the surviving members, necessitating a perilous return to a tiny Greek island, where dangerous self-deceptions are at last forced into the glaring sunlight...
Ostensively, it's an action adventure and murder mystery interwoven with an enduring love story. But dig deeper and darker themes are uncovered, for the novel seeks also to examine who we are and how far we are truly in control of our actions, and even of our lives.

Reviews: "I am in awe of Chris Blamires' exceptional debut novel, which contains a wonderful concoction of colorful characters amid an intensely exciting world wrought with danger. Steeped in folklore of the 20th century this is not just your average historical mystery but something truly special for it seeks to examine who we are, and how are choices and actions define and shape our lives…"

Get your copy of A Time of Myths: A Mystery Adventure now!

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