Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kindle Book of the Day: The PureLights of Ohm Totem 7/28

Be sure to check out today's FREE book of the day! In The PureLights of Ohm Totem, two siblings travel to a secret world where a race of mysterious beings is caught up in an epic war. This is an action-packed and magical adventure that'll really suck you in! Check it out now!

Name: The PureLights of Ohm Totem
Rating: 4.9 stars over 15 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Global Ebook Award Nominee

Zoey and Coda are like everyone else in their small town of Gladstone, but that's about to change - forever.

Zoey has a dream, one that feels far more real than it should. A strange wolf with a beautiful violet crystal embedded in his forehead visits her. "Please help us," the wolf implores. "Remember, Zoey, who you truly are." Zoey wakes up, dismissing it as a silly dream. However, she soon realizes that it was far more real than she could have ever imagined.

Coda is Zoey's older brother. Like many boys his age, he has a craving for adventure and a loathing for his younger sister. He can't stand it that she constantly gets in his way, joining in on all of his fun and ruining it during the process. And the worst, according to Coda, is that Zoey gets all of the attention from their parents. A big drag in his mind.

Then destiny arrives, one that Zoey and Coda must face together - if they want to survive.

Together, they journey to a place deep in the Cornell Forest, through a secret portal that leads them to an ancient world called Ohm Totem - to the place of the PureLights, the race beckoning for their help.

Caught between an age old war and finding their way back home, Zoey and Coda go on an amazing adventure, taking them beyond the veils, beyond everything they once knew and into the grasp of the unknown.

Brandon Ellis offers a captivating novel showcasing his creativity and ingenuity as a storyteller. He's an author to watch. If you enjoy the PureLights of Ohm Totem, Book 1, you won't want to miss The PureLights & the PureLight Order, Book 2.

Reviews: "Brandon Ellis creates a wonderful world and set of characters that both girls and boys (young and old) can relate to. It is so refreshing to finally read a fantasy book about the struggle between strength, love, compassion and forgiveness vs fear."

Get your copy of The PureLights of Ohm Totem now!

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