Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventures of a Salsa Goddess: Free Kindle Book 7/10

Swiveling hips, seductive movements, and stimulating music make Adventures of a Salsa Goddess one heck of a love story! Get it now for FREE and find out how Samantha Jacobs and her Latin dance instructor Javier get into the rhythm.

Name: Adventures of a Salsa Goddess
Rating: 4.6 stars over 5 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: Samantha Jacobs is 41 and never married, but she’s about to discover that not only is there life and love after the age of forty—there’s salsa dancing!

Sam works as an editor at Tres Chic, a women’s magazine based in New York City. Sam’s horrible boss, Elaine Daniels, shocks Sam by offering her the dream job she’s coveted for years, as the magazine’s humor columnist. But there’s just once tiny little thing Sam has to do before she can start her new position: find a husband.

Not just any man will do, he must be the dream man that Tres Chic’s readers want: handsome, well-educated, and professional. And to top it off, Elaine sends Sam on this crazy assignment to the city with the most abysmal statistics for single women searching for love: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

During Sam’s whirlwind summer in Milwaukee, she discovers salsa dancing and starts taking lessons from her sexy Latin dance instructor, Javier—a man who makes Sam’s spine melt. In between trying to find the perfect man to marry, Sam squeezes in as many salsa and bachata lessons as possible and falls in love not just with Latin dance, but with the one man who is all wrong for her assignment.

Reviews: "I savored reading this book. The salsa scenes, the modern dating stories, the smart protagonist, the laughs all made for a book I didn't want to finish."

Get your copy of Adventures of a Salsa Goddess now!

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